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Located in the historic Quarry Hills section of West Quincy, Ermont is committed to expanding the availability of medical marijuana for patients in Massachusetts. All marijuana and marijuana infused products are grown and produced locally in Quincy at our facility on Ricciuti Drive. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed to ensuring that each Patient has an exceptional experience at Ermont. Appointments are no longer necessary so visit us any day of the week. See you soon.

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“Excellent products and huge variety of flower, concentrate and edibles. Knowledgable staff. Especially like their vape cartridges. I do not understand the negative comments as I've been coming here for almost a year and have have never had an issue. I have recommended them to many friends who are also pleased. Thank you.”

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“I am so sorry I have to write this but I feel I must.. I have been going here for a year now and have always had a pleasant experience. The bud tenders are very nice and knowledgeable. With that being said I don't think I will ever go back.. I just renewed my certification for medical marijuana patient and knowing they have specials($25 off for $50 purchase) I headed down. Before I placed my order I confirmed with the staff member of the discount offered which is also on their website.. After placing my order they requested the email confirmation of my renewal from the state. I showed them and they then informed me that they need another email confirming my $50 payment to the state.. I could not find the email after sifting thru my endless amount of email for 10-15 minutes.. I was told that I could "take my time and continue to look".. I looked over my shoulder and noticed the line getting longer and started to get a little frustrated... I continued to look but eventually gave up. I asked them how I could be renewed without paying the state fee? And asked if the original Email that they requested on the website to be sufficient.. Mellisa said "no" and followed up with "company policy".. How can a business especially with increasing competition expect to thrive treating customers like this. It's not the money but the principle that gets me.. ”

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