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Have a Heart Fremont is the fourth member of the Have a Heart family and is our third recreational shop in the Seattle area. Our long relationships with local growers have allowed us to provide a wide array of well priced and highly sought after recreational marijuana and marijuana products. Our location provides easy access to recreational and medical marijuana in a location that is remarkably convenient and our staff has been hand picked to provide our guests with the best experience possible. We welcome you to our new location and look forward to serving you.


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Have a Heart - Fremont

We have Cannagars! Come by and check out the newest member of the Cannagar family of products, the Cannarillo!

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“Great quality and selection. My new place to go ”

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“This has been my medical dispensary and now rec dispensary of choice. Such a huge selection it's nearly overwhelming. Here's my star knock down. I was overcharged by $14 and the Sativa the budtender highly recommended had a harvest date of 1/7/16. Dry, crusty yellow, light bleached nugs to use for a future batch of butter. Math 101. 2 grams of dry useless nugs @ $10 gm plus 2 grams of A+ flowers @ $13 gm = $46, not $60. Totally my fault however due to the fact that I can only use a calculator to do math and can't possibly do that shit in my head. And as for the super expired weed, my bad also for not checking the harvest date.”

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Comment from Have a Heart - Fremont

We're sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with your purchase. Please come back and we'll get you something you like as well as provide you with a make-good discount. Just ask for the manager, AJ.


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