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Garden of Eden [[G.O.E]]

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WE ARE DELIVERY ONLY,!!! We are accepting new patients ...Give us a call so we can take care of you! Caregivers on hand! Thank you all for your patience. Wait time varies on call volume, which is extremely high. Please have order ready, along with verification of MMJ card and donation. No extra delivery charges or fees. Tips accepted for gas. Best specials in the valley with top notch quality medication. ( 602-576-6096


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All day happy hour sunday

Happy hour all day!!!!sunday funday

Happy hour all day sunday

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Garden of Eden [[G.O.E]]

Take advantage of all day happy hour Sunday funday new strains and ready to gOe

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“5 stars for the medicine,cured,trimmed,covered in trichromes,addicting smell,=higher thc % which for my symptoms those are needed and used. My name is Sean M I'm in pain always,' among other issues, the quality of the strain of White Chocolate was on point ,the Grapefruit Kush was potent enough to make me actually laugh out loud for once after a few tokes and is a complete hit every single pull . Just never have enough $ to get an edible thanks you all”

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“My favorite delivery by far! Always courteous and very good flower! Highly recommended. ”

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