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“Not affordable for the amount they give you. I'm a disabled vet and I never get my veterans discount, even though it's posted on the board that vets get 10% off. Paying $180 for half an ounce of mediocre buds is ridiculous. The "free" generic prerolls are like smoking cigarettes, that's how old and disgusting they are. My smoking buddies refuse to smoke them with me and I had to give up before halfway... Too harsh and disgusting. The shatter they have looks like butane soup, virtually none of them are clear which means they haven't winterized their product. It's always sweltering hot because they won't fix the AC. It's cash only and their machine will charge you $3.50 for a withdrawal. Their tablets never work, causing a 5-10 minute trip to pickup meds into a half hour or more while they try to figure out how to take my cash. Most of the weed they have is sub-par quality that doesn't work for me, forcing me to have to spend $45-60 on an 1/8th that should only cost $30-40. I tried offering my services as a vendor but they buyer is never in and nobody ever follows up. I've been to a lot of really nice dispensaries and this isn't one of them. I'll go elsewhere to get my meds, disappointing.”

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“one of the best in San Diego”

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