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Welcome to Cave Creek Cannabis. Our goal is to provide patients with high quality medical cannabis at extremely low prices. Our cultivation methods are environmentally friendly as well. We opened a BIG outdoor grow facility last March and have completed our first harvest. Unfortunately, some of the strains from our first harvest had some seeds. We have corrected the problem and we can't wait to show you our next harvest. In the meantime, we are offering the strains that have some seeds for $99 an ounce. We think that's a great deal. We also have other strains we are offering at $149 and a bunch of top shelf flower at regular prices. Come check us out. Thanks! Hope to see you soon. At 6812 E. Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek AZ. Thanks! Follow us on instagram @cavecreekcannabis


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Buy any 1/8th of Flower and receive a half gram free to sample of your Choice! (Equal or lesser value)

Cannot be combined with any other discounts or daily deals.

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Cave Creek Cannabis

***NEW PATIENT DEAL*** Come in and Spend ANY amount and receive 2 FREE GRAMS of OUR outdoor grow!

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“Picked up a gram of chemdawg from CCC only to find 7 seeds in the bud, I get having lower quality buds but come on, you sell seedy buds for more than other dispensaries sell higher tier buds, also got a half gram of snowman in a needle, the resin was black. If you're broke and only got 10 dollars and no weed. This is the place for you, I don't think I'll ever find myself back at this location again. ”

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“this place sucks. you can defend them because sure they're honest with them putting big stems and trees with their oz, but check this. I got an oz of their Bubba kush, which the quality was dog shit, took it home, weight it on my big ass scale and it game out to be 17gs. now I have 11gs missing and now I'm put close to my limit without getting the full 28gs of medication. ”

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