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**FIRST ORDER GETS FREE SHIPPING!** Enter checkout code: leaflyfreeshipping =================================== High Grade Aid is determined to provide **outstanding quality medical marijuana**, great selection, and excellent customer service at a reasonable price. We run our shop like one that we would want to visit! As a Canadian mail order company (and dispensary), we have served 6000+ patients. With our collective 17 years of dispensary experience, the High Grade Aid team welcomes you to experience our top-quality products and dedication to customer service. Through our fast, reliable, and discreet parcel service, everyone in Canada has access to world-renowned BC Bud and its most popular & in-demand strains. We process orders quickly so you can acquire the medicine you need as soon as possible. Mail orders to major cities in BC, AB, SK, MB & ON can be delivered overnight. Other cities, as little as 2 nights. **We provide service to remote communities as well**. Your package is carefully tracked to ensure its safe arrival. Registration to become a member is easy and pain-free. To start, give us a call toll-free at 1-844-420-3420 or visit www.highgradeaid.com/register to sign up. We look forward to serving you! *All **new first-time patients get free shipping with $75 order.** Visit HIgh Grade Aid Registration, register and on checkout, enter this code for free shipping on your first order of $75 or over: **leaflyfreeshipping**


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1/4oz of House Indica $50

Every Mondays: Save $15 on our select House Indica Strain! Every week we have a surprise quality strain that we put on sale. Call in and inquire about what strain it is today, and we're happy to serve you!

Valid from 10/9/2016 to 1/31/2018.

based on availability

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Reminder that the loyalty points change next month from 20pt=$1 to 25pt=$1. Get your orders in before the end of the month!

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“Some background: I live in Toronto, ON. I started exploring marijuana as an alternative to sleeping medication (insomnia for 20+ years). Number of orders that I have made from HGA before writing this review: 6 My experience with HGA: Over the past few months, I have made multiple orders from HGA. Here is what they do well: Shipping - 80% of my orders (which have been fairly substantial in size) have arrived within 24 hours of my placing the order. 10/10 Shipping Prices - the cost of shipping DECREASES as the size of your order increases. Other places that I have ordered from tend to increase the price of shipping as I continue to add items to my orders. With HGA, my shipping costs tend to be $0 (the most I have paid with HGA is $15 in shipping). 10/10 Packaging - Vacuum-sealed, in a nondescript package, with no odour. Perfect. 10/10 Loyalty Program - offers significant discounts on all products, as you earn points for EVERY dollar spent. Redeemable immediately. I have yet to see this with other online dispensaries (there may very be others, I just haven't seen them). 10/10 Edibles - good selection, but not a great selection. They stock a lot of the Mary's products, which tend to be pretty good. However, they are consistently out-of-stock (but tend to restock within a few days) of some of their more popular items. It would be nice to have access to some BHO edibles as well, which I have yet to see on the site. There's a reasonable selection of both indica and sativa goodies, as well as CBD. 7.5/10 Flower - I am not an expert in this area by any means, but in asking those around me about the quality of HGA's flowers that I have ordered, everything is top-notch. In fact, some of it is so good, I can't even keep it inside my home, as the smell is overpowering (my last order of Death Bubba filled my entire condo when I opened the bag - and my place is currently for sale, so I have to keep the stash inside my barbecue). The prices are on par, or sometimes slightly more expensive than some others I have seen online, but with the quick delivery, low delivery charges, loyalty discounts, and the overall quality of the products, HGA will be receiving the bulk of my future online orders (if they start to offer Jelly Bomb Zzz and some edible BHO, they will receive ALL of my online dollars). 10/10 Overall, I am very impressed with this dispensary. They respond to all of my email inquiries, and even recommended a product that they don't carry, as it met a specific need of mine. They are a very clean and efficient organization - for which I have a deep respect (as I do with any business that is well-run and consumer-oriented). I highly recommend you give them a try, you will not be disappointed.”

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“Amazing dispensary in every single aspect. Whether it be customer service, products, product quality, cost and shipping etc, my expectations have been exceeded every time. Thank you very much HGA!”

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We're delighted to serve you! :) Thanks very much for your review


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