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Find our best menu at www.LevelUPWellness.org Call: 707.303.0705 [We are a Delivery Service that started serving patients in Oakland as April 2016. Now our NEW location in Palo Alto/Cupertino as of November 2016 is fully operational with all items from our Oakland menu. Please pardon our temporary reduced hours, Click here for more about Level Up Wellness. Help us get complete our mission in opening smoke/vape lounges with video games and lots of fun, food and prises] [Level Up Wellness Center is Launching a Cannabis Delivery for the Gaming Community][2] [We host gaming tournaments! Smash Bros and more!][3] LEVEL -UP- WELLNESS CENTER is a collective of patients serving patients located in the East Bay and South Bay. Our number one priority at all times is customer service. Your experience with us will have you leaving our meet ups satisfied in every way! Our goal is to provide you with the best medicines at the best prices with the convenience of your desired location and the most discreet and pleasant experience/atmosphere as possible. We carry a unique inventory of topicals, flowers and concentrates including ‘space foam’. Look for small Mendo farmer support as we believe in supporting the little guy. Plus, it just tastes better! Please medicate responsibly. Our Hours: We are available to serve you from 9am-9pm Mon-Sat, OFF Sundays (temporarily). Level Up Wellness Center Mission: De-schedule it! Help each person who dials our number truly feel cared for, valued, and respected. Create an extraordinary environment of medical care, honesty, and friendliness. Protect medical cannabis patients by providing safe and affordable alternative to the dangerous circumstances of the illegal black market of drugs. Honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by faithfully and rigorously observing and enforcing the laws of the progressive visionary state of California. We will continuously educate ourselves in order to impart knowledge upon those around us. We will strive to correct the misleading information of the past six decades and inform the public about marijuana. We will post links to editorials that educate viewers with facts. Support the Medical Marijuana Movement and fight for legalization for recreational use. We will post current industry news from across the country including law changes and industry practices. We will provide reviews, scientific studies, strain lineage, farmer info and contact information for marijuana wholesale, infused product suppliers, and other industry services. Protect the safety, tranquility, and cleanliness of our immediate neighborhood. We believe if we “Take Care of the Community, in turn, They’ll Take Care of Our Establishment and our Patients.” Encourage engagement of the mind-body-soul healing process. Encourage product quality, customer service and integrity in the legal marijuana industry. Our goal is to open a Bay Area international gaming lounge for eventual recreational use…And we need your help to grow nationwide! We can not do it without YOUR HELP! Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:00pm Sunday and Monday: Closed *Closed for all Postal holidays, unless special requests provided ahead. *We request a $50 minimum for called in delivery ($60 minimum for web order). Nothing is set in stone, please call and discuss it. We are flexible. Ask about Compassionate Care Program 5% off to military veterans.​ (DD-214). Every membership signed gets a ‘Level UP’ sticker and ink pen, plus a free 32mg Caligold chocolate -or- 25mg Chooselove caramel edible with the first order. (or a 'like something' in comparison to your purchase) Once the patient builds up enough experience (reward points), the patient will “Level UP” and become eligible for free gifts as a “thank you” for their business. Purchase on your birthday and receive a free birthday edible. ‘Level UP’ Rewards Program: $1 spent= 1 experience $25 spent= 25 experience $100 spent= 100 experience Every dollar spent is a point earned toward the 'Level UP’ Rewards Program. Level 1 requires 250 exp for a free small edible Level 2 requires an additional 300 exp for a free gram of flower Level 3 requires an additional 350 exp for a free 125mg CaliGold Chocolate bar Level 4 requires an additional 420 exp DOUBLE UP for a free Level UP lighter and .5g of Level UP GG#4 shatter Level 5 requires an additional 500 exp for a free ink pen and eighth of flower Level 6 requires an additional 600 exp for a free Level UP ink pen and mouse pad Level 7 requires an additional 700 exp for a free Black Mamba bar and shot (one ea.) & ink pen Level 8 requires an additional 800 exp for a free .5g of Level UP GG#4 shatter and one topical up to $40 Level 9 requires an additional 900 exp for a free Level UP ink pen & Tee shirt Level 10 requires an additional 1000 exp for a free ZIP of Top Shelf Flower Level 11 requires an additional 2000 exp for Level 1 rewards plus $275 in store credit. Level 12 requires an additional 3000 exp for Level 2 rewards plus $300 in store credit. Level 13 requires an additional 4000 exp for Level 3 rewards plus $325 in store credit. Level 14 requires an additional 5000 exp for Level 4 rewards plus $350 in store credit. Level 15 requires an additional 6000 exp for Level 5 rewards plus $375 in store credit. Level 16 requires an additional 7000 exp for Level 6 rewards plus $400 in store credit. Level 17 requires an additional 8000 exp for Level 7 rewards plus $425 in store credit. Level 18 requires an additional 9000 exp for Level 8 rewards plus $450 in store credit. Level 19 requires an additional 10000 exp for Level 9 rewards plus $500 in store credit. Level 20 requires an additional 12500 exp for Level 10 rewards plus $1000 in store credit. If your recommendation or membership to our club go dormant for 18 months or longer, points are subject to reset. Find the most up to date version of ‘Level Up’ points online at www.LevelUPWellness.org *subject to change upon availability due to our project with CW Botanicals and Canniatric we have certain restrictions that may apply to particular items in use toward store credit Need a Medical Marijuana Recommendation or Renewal? We highly recommend using Dr. Daniel Price. Locate him on our site at the bottom of home page, easy FaceTime appointment. Quick, Easy, Convenient plus the dosing write up… Comforting. If you're not happy, contact me personally: Erek-Jon Blaschke Erek@LevelUPWellness.org 707.303.0705 Patient Services || Level Up Wellness Center || Serving East Bay, CA www.levelupwellness.org Find us on: Facebook: Level Up Wellness Center Instagram: LevelUpWellness_Center Twitter: @LvlUpWellness Steam: Level Up Wellness Center Weedmaps: Oracle Arena, Oakland Leafly: Oracle Arena, Oakland http://www.levelupwellness.org https://www.cannabisreports.com/news/2016/03/21/level-up-wellness-center-is-launching-a-cannabis-delivery-for-the-gaming-community/ https://www.cannabisreports.com/news/2016/05/20/gamers-unite-level-up-wellness-center-to-host-super-smash-bros-tournament-saturday-may-21st/


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4g for $90

Get 4g of Canna Magic space foam. These typically test between 75-90% with tons of flavor when dabbed.

Valid from 12/1/2016 to 6/30/2021.

packed 2g each strain, recycled puck ask for bulk strains

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“Phenomenal delivery service. Erek is very friendly and knowledgable. Best place for concentrates and tinctures. ”

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Comment from Level Up Wellness

Thanks for the kind words Baby Hulk. We try to stay up on each and every product that we sell, also hope to revise our concentrates after tax season. Thanks to those that are helping us push through...it ain't easy

“Best delivery experience I have had in a long time, maybe ever. Large assortment of edibles, finest, potent flowers in many strains. I cannot think of a reason to order from anyone else, now that I have discovered Level Up Wellness Center Delivery service.”

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