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Our chic and cozy cannabis boutique is here to serve you and your cannabis needs. Our little shop has been serving Kirkland and the surrounding area for over two years! During that time we've established long term relationships with many growers and customers alike! Stop by Mary Jane today and check out our fantastic products. Be sure you have a valid Horizontal ID 21+. We are unable to accept vertical IDs at this time so be sure to bring in a passport instead!


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$5.00 off any purchase of $30.00 or more.

Valid from 7/11/2017.


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Mary Jane - Kirkland

It’s getting hot in here!!!! But it’s cold outside!!!! So come warm up with all these hot deals we got going on!

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“This is the third shop I visited after legalization, and the closest to home for me. The prices are comparable to other shops I’ve been to, quality was generally a bit lower aside from cartridges, relatively high staff turnover. After years of going here and bringing friends when they were in the area, I purchased a cartridge on a Friday night for a weekend trip to the peninsula. I arrive to my destination... it doesn’t work. I tried two batteries, nothing. I called right at opening on Monday, knowing I’d be just outside of the 48 hour return window. They informed me that they would not allow for exchange or refund. I emailed the owner, explaining the situation (the completely unusable product and my weekend without ability to use it, my contacting them as soon as they opened after getting back late Sunday, my being a client since they opened...) and requested a reply within 48 hours. A month later, and I still have no reply. I already went further if I wanted a better experience. Now I will for ANY experiences. Would NOT recommend.”

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Comment from Mary Jane - Kirkland

Hi Katie, I'm not sure how you messaged me, I have not received anything from you. I'm very good at responding to all message I receive, text, Facebook, email and best way is to leave a messages at the store. However we have a strict return policy, that cannot be waived for anyone, other wise I could be accused of discrimination. Its important to have all the same rules for everyone who shops at my store. Its unfortunate that cartridges fail but sometimes they do. I'm very sorry you are upset, I would love to try and make it up to you. Please feel free to call me at the store anytime 425-896-3169

“Mary Jane, Thanks for care. It's been awhile since our last dance. Busy at 2pm 3 tend'r 4 guest but I was greeted promptly, and check'd in, wait time 4-5 min. No problem browsed to rack for CBD oil 0.5g/special deal, asked my tend'r for it & he check'd asked another, reply'd in the case top shelf. Checking out Shock.... I'm ready for $55, no...$90 $60 for the oil. Still got 6 prerolls. Should double check $ 1st.”

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