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“They used to be my LP but I switched to Broken Coast. Packaging: not air tight; buds can be dry Price: the most expensive of any LP in Canada. $15/G is insane. Product: I, too, have found seeds in my Bellis order. The Luminarium is high quality and the Cognitiva is great "bang for your buck" but I cannot stand how they list their THC content for all strains. They always have a +/-3 spread on THC levels. And surprise, it always comes in lower. Example: Bellis listed as 15%-18% THC (honestly, as an approved LP you should have testing in place that lists the exact THC content) but when I get my order it's 14.62%. While MedReleaf does have some decent tasting/looking medicine, it's simply not worth the price. Would not recommend based of lackluster packaging, imprecise THC listings and over-priced medicine.”

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“Very easy to place orders and packaging is great. The containers are air-tight or close to it. The product on the other hand is another story. All small buds that are very dry. I have found immature seeds in Bellis twice and the strain is lackluster for the price, seeing UK cheese for $5/g is miles better. All the $12.50/g strains were great, good taste and excellent effects, but still dry.”

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