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Michigan Chronic Relief

3.6| 13 Reviews
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“Was worth the visit”

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“This place was so bad that it motivated me to write my first ever review in over 1 year. Hopefully this review saves at least one other person from wasting their time here!! I went here out of convenience and necessity because im not usually in the area. The budtender pegged me as a "new customer" and quoted outrageous prices on their garbage bud. Even the "top shelf" was mids by any standard and their concentrates looked like shit. When I casually mentioned that I frequent dispensaries and it was only my first time at this location and suddenly, all the prices magically dropped to more reasonable levels!!! In the end, I left with some bud that isn't worth writing about, prerolls that canoed worse than I've ever seen, and a few edibles that were probably the only decent part of the experience. At least the employees were friendly, so I guess the experience wasnt all bad but that's not enough to draw me back in. I will avoid this place like the plague in the future!”

Was this review helpful to you?