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“great 10$ line ”

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“As a 22 yr+ user of marijuana and two years living in Amsterdam, and a Master Growers Certificate from Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, I have serious reservations on anybody saying that this place has bad meds. This place is by far the best kept secret in Detroit and along the Eight Mile stretch of Dispensaries. I have been a patient of MCR for more than a year now and I have found that THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!! Hands down for their donation rates you WILL NOT be able to find another Dispensary in Detroit, and I'll go as far as saying all off Southeastern Michigan, with the quality you get at MCR on a daily basis. I admit I've yet to try any of their medibles so I can't review positive or negative on their medibles. I will say to their wax, oil, shatter selection I've not tried a lot of, but I have picked up multiple syringes of oil for my pen vaporizer and it has been top notch too. The other thing with MCR is its ALL lab tested. Let me say that again, EVERY STRAIN, EVERY DAY, is ALL lab tested. No other place on the eight mile stretch can say that on a daily basis everything they have to offer is tested. Plus the guys that run the place are awesome. They know their stuff and always fun to talk with. For my sake and the other veteran smokers and patients of MCR, I hope you don't read this review or believe it cause I KNOW it's true and I'll reap the benefits of people not willing to try the best buds in Detroit.”

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