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“its was a great experience. they have this dab challenge which is Fun, but difficult. it makes u think u got smoking skills, n u get reeeeal Cocky like i did n nope i weakest link Goodbye. it was tight the budtenders SARAH was down to earth n chill asf. ya need to come thru ASAP”

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“Scales don't work :/ I go to this place A LOT, and usually its pretty decent bud at reasonably cheap prices. They have good deals also. BUT! Last time I was there the scale didn't seem to be working right, and when the budtender took all the weed off of it (so that it should read "0") it was going hectic, sometimes reading as much as 5 grams. I noticed this after she had already weighed out several different strains for me. I asked her if she could re-weigh them or get a different scale, but I had already handed her my money and she said "all sales are final"..... :( ....sure enough I get home and immediately use my own scale...and the weight of my quarter is actually 5.7 grams.... .....and the 2gs was actually only 1.7..... yikes...not cool. sometimes scales break, I get it. but not giving a customer back their money when its THAT obvious it didn't weigh your purchase correctly....that's pretty lame :( To be fair, that's the only bad experience I've had with their staff, and usually when I go their they are super nice, sometimes giving you free stuff. Just keep your eye on that scale when they are weighing your smokables tho....”

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