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Ask your local retailer about carrying Northern Standard CO2 extracts. Our terpene-rich oils are extracted from high-potency, organically grown flower. No BHO or other toxic solvents are used in our process. No cutters, fillers or color-removers added - just pure, high-potency, strain-specific CO2 oils with robust native terpene profiles. Pyrex glass and steel cartridges with wood tips! Like a fine wine, cannabis has an incredibly complex aroma and flavor profile that we preserve through our proprietary extraction process, developed from years of experience. By carefully concentrating the plant’s natural cannabinoids and terpenes, we give you an experience like no other. Both seasoned connoisseurs and cannabis newcomers will appreciate our perfectly balanced concentrates. Northern Standard is a cannabis extracts company proudly based in the beautiful historic Town of Alma, Park County, Colorado, grandly nestled between the Pike, San Isabelle and White River national forests. Our company is founded on the same resilient pioneering spirit of the artisanal miners, craftsmen and tradesmen who in 1873 founded Alma – one of only six surviving communities of the estimated 46 that were formed in Park County during the 1800's Colorado gold and silver rushes. We draw inspiration from the lush national forests that surround us and strive to make cannabis products that are clean and pure as the mountain air. We will never compromise on the taste, quality, or integrity of our products. That’s the Northern Standard.


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Local's Discount

We are ALWAYS happy to provide our locals (anyone who lives/works in Park and Summit Counties) with 15% OFF Flower Purchases and 15% OFF CO2 Oil Purchases!!

This deal has no end date.

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“A nice quiet location with good prices for buds. If I am in the area I will definitely visit again!”

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“Being from out of town, I wanted to check out all of the Rec places in the FairPlay/Alma area before I made my purchases. I visited TWICE today. The not only is this the ONLY store in the area with Clones on the shelf, the inside of the store is as modern and inviting as I have seen in the entire state. Large Glass Tubes containing strain of flower of all of the available strains are out for you to smell and enjoy. The quality of the "starter kit" is great! Their Premium co2 extracts are ideal for those of us who really have to put in big effort for that head change. No need to look around the area! Pick your strain and get FLAMED!”

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