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Serving 21+ Medical Patients.

We are farmers who believe in quality product; we want to provide medical patients with an avenue to not only obtain their medicine, but to gain knowledge on marijuana. At Ocean Grown, patients will have a reliable venue that continues to learn and develop in order to correctly serve their Washington patients.

New to Renton, Ocean Grown is located conveniently on ‘Cemetery Road’ (aka NE 4th St) in order to better serve South King County patients. Our patients’ best interest is our number one concern. We strive to not only carry the highest quality medicine, but to educate our patients on better, healthier marijuana habits.

We provide glass or plastic containers so your medicine stays fresh. OGC also provides a return programs for all the Glass jars we hand out.

Need help finding us? If you take exit 4 on 405, you will need to turn onto NE 3rd St -which soon turns into NE 4th St, right after Renton Technical College. Our building (white industrial looking) will be on your left, just slightly past and across from Greenwood Memorial Park. Although our building is facing NE 4th St, there is only parking behind our building, which you can get to by turning onto Queen Ave NE (you can also get to our parking lot through Munros' Driving School; our parking lot is connected to theirs'). We are the unmarked suite with the frosted windows, #201!

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Ocean Grown Collective

Northern Lights and White Dawg are $25/Eighth! Kryptonite and Trinity are 4 grams for $35!

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“Zach rocks. Great meds. Nuff said. ”

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“Original customer that was sold a $25 wam pen that never worked. I returned less then 24hrs later along with full cartridge that was also purchased, to show them it never worked. They refused to do anything other than try to sell me one that did have a warranty, that was never suggested the day prior. I asked if being a loyal customer since they 1st opened meant anything but obviously it didn't. I wanted to speak to the manager and was refused that also. They wouldnt give me his/her name and was told I would get a call but never did. Even though they have computers showing my purchases, had knowledge of me being there less then 24hrs prior, the full cartridge and records showing how long I had been going there they did nothing to make it right. I left them the unused broken wam pen and told them to keep it as it was of no use to me broke. I really thought their original staff from the beginning were ALL awesome. Their newer budtender and a $25 non working pen just cost them $1000's of my money. I go to a dispensary that backs their product even if they arent as good as this place. wouldnt you? Thanks guys, for showing me you dont care one bit about your customers and their loyalty. Good luck in the future”

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Comment from Ocean Grown Collective

12THMAN420 Firstly I want to say I am sorry that you had a problem with your pen. The employees called me as soon as you left and I called and left a message on the number you left for us, within the hour. We never recieved a call back and this happened on the 1st of the month so we had assumed that you relized that you had broken the pen. The pen was sold to you attatched to a charger with 510 threading. You pulled the pen out of the charger without unscrewing it first and ripped the internals of your pen out. Once the pen has been forcefully stripped instread of being unscrewed, as intended, the pen is not going to work. Anytime a patient has a problem with actual medicine (flowers, oils, edibles) we have no problem switching it out or returning it. Unfortanantly for accessories (papers, batteries, glass) we do not do returns or exchanges unless it is warrantied by the manufacturer. I am sorry that you broke your battery. Also I am sorry if you never recieved my message, but I tried to call and explain what you had done to make the pen not work and never received a call back from you.


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