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OZ. offers a wide range of quality recreational marijuana products, including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, topicals, edibles, and gear. The inside dope. We hand-pick from the best farms. We make it fun and easy to shop. And our prices are totally righteous. Bring your dogs and bikes. Bring your friends. Come on by! Everyone 21+ with valid ID welcome. ADA accessible. No medical card needed. Prices include all taxes.


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Puffin Farm Ounce sale! Now $189

Chernobyl, AK-47, Tangerine, Silver Bubble, Dutch Treat, Lavender, Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Hindu Kush, Remedy (High CBD)

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“When driving down Stone Way, I have my choice of several dispensaries -- but Oz is the one I stop at. Their staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and their last recommendation of PNW Grower's GDP has brought me a new favorite. Their clipboard menu system makes my head spin a little, but I usually just use their online Leafly menu anyway.”

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Comment from OZ. Recreational Cannabis

We update our online menu daily if that is your preferred method of reviewing our options. Thanks for coming in and for the positive review.

“A little confusing to have wall after wall of product descriptions without pictures or seeing the product. Most of their products are hard to navigate/find with the limited display case layout.”

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Hi, and thanks for visiting OZ. Actually, we have every single product available for viewing at the counter, just ask. We're not big fans of display cases -- the product in them can easily be damaged by sunlight, for example -- and there are many other issues with them as well. We are happy to bring any product someone is interested in to the counter so they can view them together -- that's another big limitation of display cases, it's usually impossible to see two specific things side by side and also impossible to see the fronts and backs of everything. We recognize that our approach -- tons of information in written form, clearly organized -- is not necessarily for everyone... those who like that style, love our store, but there are definitely people who prefer other things, and that's OK.


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