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“Placed an order last Saturday that was accepted on Sunday. Was supposed to receive a tracking number within 24 hours of it being shipped and never did. Order is supposed to take 1-3 days to arrive and it has not shown up as of Canada Post passing today. I tried to go on their website to contact them to see if there were any delays with my order and they seem to have taken down all contact info. So far for my money I've gotten no tracking number, no order and no customer service.”

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“There was once a time when I heard decent things about this company. So I decided to try it a few months back. I would NOT RECCOMEND them. It was some of the WORST weed I have every seen and smoked in my life. I’ve smoked for over 10 years so I know quality when I see it. When I contacted customer support with concerns they told me to ship it back and that many customers enjoy their products... I HIGHLY DOUBT any of phat nugs claims. Do not use them.”

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Hey Daniel, we absolutely have a TON of amazing high quality AAA and AAAA quality strains. We have one or two cheaper strains and if there was anything wrong with your order of those we would absolutely work with you to make it right and provide an alternate product. That's just what we do, it seems lately a lot of our competitors have been leaving reviews similar to this tone, but we're just trying to help people get their smoke on


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