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SIGN UP NOW AND GET $20 BONUS ON FIRST ORDER! ================================== Limited time offer. We are Canada’s fastest growing online dispensary with 50+ strains and counting. At Pot Cargo, we pride ourselves on providing quality products at affordable prices. We offer the best customer service and advanced shipping methods that are discreet and reliable. If you would like to know more about our products and services please visit our [FAQ][2]. We look forward to serving you. Team Pot Cargo. Contact: [hello@potcargo.com][3] [1]: https://www.potcargo.com?utm_source=Leafly&utm_medium=Profile [2]: https://help.potcargo.com [3]: mailto:hello@potcargo.com


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Quarter Ounce and Ounce specials available every Friday from 4:20pm, until Sunday 11:59pm pacific time. This month we are featuring the following strains: -Moby Dick -Pink OG -Sour Diesel -Hindu Kush -Purple Kush -Blue Cheese -Master Yoda


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Introducing SUBCULTURE | The revolution of cannabis vaping is here! https://potcargo.com/product-vendor/subculture/

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“I was very happy to have found pot cargo ,the delivery use to be so good and fast always get it in 2 days ! And now its very disappointing the last 3 times ive ordered it took 5-6days to get my pkg! Order big amounts and to have to wait 5-6days and wonder is the pkg actually coming this time? Or did i just lost hundreds of dollars?! The tracking when you check it will say its delivery date and when its not delivered that date , the date changes to the next day date and so on until it's actually deliverered! This makes me not want to order anymore! Its a headache wondering if your going to actually get your pkg or not!! Does anyone know of a different suppler who has faster shipping??”

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Comment from Pot Cargo

Hi there, We are sorry to hear you are feeling disappointed with our delivery times. As you know we no longer were able to offer same day shipping as it was no longer feasible for our business. We ship through Canada Post and unfortunately as they are a separate entity we have no control over their shipping schedule. If your date of delivery changes, that is because the tracking link is live and updates as Canada Post scans your package through their delivery checkpoints. If you do not receive your package after 5 business days please let us know and we will contact Canada Post for you. If your package is missing and this can not be located by Canada Post within 3 business days, we will then offer you a free replacement or refund to your account for the total order value. If you have any further questions or concerns we are always here to help. Our online customer support team will always do their best to assist our members between the hours of 9am - 5pm PST Monday to Friday, and 10am - 4pm PST weekends. Please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks, Kate

“service was fine but product quality was very poor”

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Comment from Pot Cargo

Hi there, Thank you for reaching out. We take product quality seriously so we are sorry to hear that the product you ordered is not up to standard you expected. Can you please provide me you order number and provide the product name so I can have a look into this for you. Also if you could provide a photo of the product you are unhappy with that would also be appreciated. We will do our best to have this resolved for you. Thanks, Kate


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