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We are Canada’s fastest growing online dispensary with 50+ strains and counting! Here at Pot Cargo, we pride ourselves on providing quality products at affordable prices. We strive to provide our members with the best customer service and offer advanced shipping methods that are discreet and reliable. If you would like to know more about our products and services please visit our online dispensary, or chat with one of our friendly customer support agents via our live chat feature. We look forward to serving you! - Team Pot Cargo -


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Sativa and Indica bundles for only $99! Our bundles are perfect for people who can't decide between our 50+ strains and a great way to sample our premium flower at a discounted price. Save up to $21!

Each bundle contains 10 strains, with 1 gram of each strain.

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K Star is a BC original & is not a bud to be missed! This super sativa will have you feeling relaxed while also keeping your mind alert.

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“Un gros 0 ma commande a été perdu par post canada et il m'on fait attendre 2 semaines pour me renvoyer une nouvelle commande "gratuite" et cela avec leur stupide sistème d'envoie je vais avoir recu finalment ma commande que 3 semaine plus tard!! Pour s'excuser il m'on offert rien du tout et apres avoir démontrer mon malencontement il s'on fini par m'offrir mon shipping gratuit même si celui-ci ne me sert a rien. Sérieux derniere fois que je commande de se site!!”

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Comment from Pot Cargo

Hi there, we are sorry to hear you feel your experiences with our services were less than satisfactory regarding our protocol for lost packages. If a member does not receive their package within 2 business days after the delivery date, we are more than happy to launch an investigation with Canada Post on their behalf. If we then do not receive any resolution from Canada Post within 3 business days (from the date the investigation was launched), we will then proceed to offer a free replacement on the missing order or alternatively a store credit of equal value in Cargo Points (with these options at the members discretion). The reason we have this protocol in place, is often in these situations the member will receive their package one to two days after the delivery date, or likewise, one to three days after an investigation is launched. If that member does then receive their original package we are happy to compensate for the late delivery. We always strive to get packages to our members as fast as possible, so please know the frustration with delayed delivery is mutual! We are also working on a new notification system so members can be better informed with how their packages are tracking. If you would like to further speak with us regarding your dissatisfaction, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our online chat or via email at help@potcargo.com. Best regards, Kate

“Second time I've ordered. Second time I'm left smiling The Ak-47 and OG kush I got can't even compare to the dried out crap you get in dispensaries at Toronto(the decent ones are few and far between). they are chock full of trichomes and they taste as good as they look. I truly hope Pot Cargo stays the same now and forever =D. PS: For the people who check out reviews and notice that one guy screaming his head off about shipping taking too long or whatever. This isn't amazon. Once you order, expect it within a week or two. It's how they operate, if you can't handle the wait time, then a local option may be your only choice =[.”

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Comment from Pot Cargo

Hi there, thanks for the review. We appreciate your support and understanding and we are always glad to hear that members are enjoying our products and services! You are right, while we are not the Amazon of weed, this is something we hope to one day be. With support from great members, like yourself, this dream one day could become a reality. Also, please don't hesitate to reach out if your package is delayed on delivery. Even if it's delayed because of Canada Post, we are always happy to compensate our members for this. Cheers! Kate


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