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Seattle's most central Pot Store! We have been in the pot business longer than anyone in Seattle! Whether you are a top shelf aficionado or looking for the best deals, we have you covered. We always have the dank because our reputation depends on it and, just like you, we are cannaseurs. Whether you smoke it, vape it, dab it or eat it we have something for every mood, palate and taste! We have created a boutique environment that anyone would feel right at home in. We strive to serve the finest cannabis at the best prices in a service oriented environment. Come see us today! ADA accessible Private customer parking lot on the south side of our facility, just off of Fremont Ave N and 45th. ATM on premise


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Pot Stop

There are a few deals left from our 4/20 special selection! Stop in while supplies last...

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“When it was still Medical I was a patient of SMMA it was one of my go to places and never ever steered me wrong. As the Pot Stop it continues to have fantastic product in all the fields Flower to Edible to Concentrate. The staff I adore and have great conversations with as well as other clientele. If you're in Fremont definitely check out Pot Stop if you need a dispensary.”

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“First time here, great selection, no wait time, and Ali was the best with a great smile. Would come again. ”

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