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“It’s ok, kinda bleh”

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“This review is about the Westside location concerning customer service and the end result, how I felt as I left. Im a DV with a very serious illness as well as physical ailments that leave me to walk with an unfortunate and painful limp. I walked into the Westside location under the impression they were a non-profit charitable organization. I was told (I verified myself by ph call an hour earlier) that I may come in even though I was short $. I was very much in pain amd called as a last resort. I heard they have a 'Veterans'/Donation fund for those in need of a small amt. When I got there I was met with a scolding, I was told by V**on**a that I dod not have enough to receive a donation, she also rudely shared her thoughts to the guy in back. Unfortunatly he (E**ar*) too did not listen. I was told to come in anyway. I was so embarrassed as they haggled over the "rules". As I was ready to leave, bc I felt so hugely embarassed. "They" chgd their minds and allowed the purchase. I understand this is a non-profit charitable business, this is why I called at such a hard time. They did verify the assistance fund and did follow through. I am upset that the two employees are not better trained in customer service and listening to the patients needs. Again, I was embarrased publicaly for no reason and it feels bad R Greenleaf. Please talk to your employees and maybe a refresher on compassionate customer service to Veterans with PTSD.”

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