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“As a once consecutive weekly customer I can say that this place is kind of hit or miss. I loved the service when I used to go there. The budtenders were very warm and friendly and the bud was usually pretty good, but every once in a while there would be a batch or a few batches that would just not medicate me. And though the member prices were terrific, it got to the point where it was worth the extra money to get better medicine. I have returned a few times this past year and they had wax, something they didn't have when I was going, and it was pretty darn good. They also had a slightly improved quality but less selection. A couple employees I hadn't seen before gave off a slightly sketchy vibe and it wasn't a very professional atmosphere, but not unfriendly or unkempt. Overall a decent dispensary if they are your caregiver and you have the member prices and are not looking to treat severe pain.”

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“beautiful area ”

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