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DEALS: Fire sale 8th 🔥 Super Skunk $25 (med) $30 (rec) Located at 1985 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402 (next to AAMCO) River Valley Remedies is a modern boutique apothecary that specializes in high end cannabis products and other alternative plant remedies. RVR hosts an array of educational workshops and events. Follow our leafly and social media to see what's next. *Deli Style: Sniff & then hand select the buds you want straight out of the jar. We do NOT prepackage our flower so you get the freshest terps and the most flavor. >Apothecary Inspired: We carry over 20 different loose organic herbs as well as tinctures, tonics, and teas that are non-medicated. We have everything from headache relief tinctures to immune power tonics to aphrodisiacs! -Support Your Troops: We offer vets 10% off daily & 20% off on patriotic holidays. Thank you for your service. We salute you. Patriarch/Matriarch Discount: We offer anyone over 65 years young 10% off daily. Thank you for all of your wisdom! {Reduce, Reuse, Recycle} Bring in your childproof bag or childproof jar and receive $1 off your purchase (if your purchase requires a childproof bag/jar) DELIVERY & ONLINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE. Order over at TBKR.CO/RVR today! ATM ACCESSIBLE | ALL PRICES ARE BEFORE TAX | PARKING AVAILABLE AT THE MCDONALD'S LOCATED ON W 6TH & W 7TH AVE FB: facebook.com/rvremedies - IG: @rivervalleyremedies - TWITTER: @rvremedies - WWW: rivervalleyremedies.net


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$60 Ounce Saturday

$60 ($72 with tax) Ounces on Saturday of rotating strains

Valid from 10/16/2017 to 10/23/2017.

Not combined with other deals, Saturday's only

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River Valley Remedies

New Strain Alert! Pinot Green by OCA with 4.1% Terpenes!

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“Wow. Just... wow. I've been to a lot of dispensaries in the Eugene area. None of them have compared to this one. From the extremely warm welcome you get from the friendly (and amazingly knowledgeable) budtender right when you walk through the front door (none of that pesky "please wait in the waiting room while we try to make room for you" bull crap!), to the heavy discounts and amazing prices, to the absolutely stunning and calming atmosphere, this place, I can honestly say, has far out shown and out classed every other dispensary I have been to. Kudos, River Valley Remedies, and thank you for being so amazing.”

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Thank you for the amazing review! You are truly appreciated. We've put in a lot of effort to make sure everyone is educated on the products we carry. We also are very pleased to know you feel welcome. We are all about community and inclusion. We can't wait to see you the next time you come in! <3 TEAM RVR

“Really sweet & fun staff! Excellent selection of flower, edibles, and CBD only products which I love. They also offer really great discounts. Did I mention the staff was awesome? This is one of my go-to’s now. Thanks y’all ♥️”

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Thank you, Bluetones! You're making us blush. We are happy to be one of your new go-to's! Hope to see you in soon, love. <3 TEAM RVR


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