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Serra is a purveyor of quality drugs and other fine cannabis accessories. We are an OLCC recreational dispensary; however medical patients 21 and older can still shop tax-free with us. We are located in beautiful downtown Portland and just a stone's throw from SW Oak/1st Ave Max station (stop ID 8380). We accept cash (ATM on-site) or CanPay Debit payments. *ALL PRODUCTS LISTED ARE PRICED PRE-TAX* Visit to learn how you can Feel All The Feelings.


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Sign-up to our loyalty program to save $10 with each $200 spent in-store. Loyalty members also receive early access to exclusive offers and new product announcements. Ask your Docent for more details.

Valid until 2/8/2020.

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Serra Downtown

Come see about our $24 eighths! (out the door $$$)

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“Hi....Just smoked some of the lemon chiffon. Nice. I have this smile on my face and I can't explain it. Feeling good. Thanks. :)”

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“Was a convenient store and good at first. I've been a loyal customer from day one have spent thousands here. And then on 1/14/18. I come in and try to buy my meds. I have Muscular Dystrophy and suffer massive pain and weakness. The cashier said with a giggle (sorry bro) I can't find you in our system. So my frustration sets in and I explain I've been a customer from day one. And that I have points from buying my meds, he says sorry let me set up a new account you and your points were not in the system. Wow this is crazy. Not even a offer to fix the situation. So all you med patients please I ask you for your help in boycotting this company. They are unprofessional and degrade American civil rights. How can they legally 86 a disabled man in a wheelchair with his service dog. I will be calling OMMP and filling a complaint I hope you will also. I'm glad I could share this in hopes of sparring people this treatment. ”

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