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Our Vision “SCWH was founded by four Connecticut licensed pharmacists with the sole aim to assist qualified Connecticut patients with the use of medical marijuana. Our aim is to provide the highest and safest level of palliative care with the utmost compassion while improving the overall quality of life.” Our Dispensary Situated in Milford, Connecticut, our dispensary is conveniently located at 318 New Haven Avenue (Unit B), just off Interstate 95 and Route 15 (Merritt Parkway), and less than 1 mile away from the Metro North, Shore Line East, Milford Station. The facility provides ample parking, including plenty of handicapped spaces. Our interior is designed with our patients’ needs in mind, providing handicap accessible bathrooms, comfortable lounge area and ease of access throughout the dispensary. Recognizing that sunlight has the power to appease the mind and body, the facility is bathed in natural overhead skylights and welcomes patients and caregivers into a bright, relaxing, and caring environment. CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE MENU AT

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“oil pen! great ”

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“Ok well I wanted to throw up some truths good and bad for those who may find it useful save some time and money also The place it self amazing. It is nicer than most doctors offices. The level of professionals. the place beautiful, clean, calm, safe, it has major positive vibe and a great energy throughout the main lobby. you then enter a back room which you are buzzed into. again very professional. OK walk in you are immediately met by nice people and big helpful smiles. Everyone is helpful kind and good people. Some of the staff is more knowledgeable than others. The one thing i wish was they all knew a bit more about their products. While they do have basic simple knowledge once you get the names of the coded bud you can navigate to what u like with generalizations from the staff. One huge pain in the ass is the names which are coded but thanks to this awesome place you can find your strains here on leafly from the coded names at the dispensary. It seems they use about three major growers which are in my opinion good but ok for a dispensary i was expecting a bit more. The place is beautiful but the product none is speaking on or has realized that these percentages are most definitely not even close to true. Also weigh out your bud it has been off several times and at those insanely high prices things should be on point to the dot. How are you going to overcharge and then short the bud. Eights at 3.1 3.2 all low some lower. Also check you pen products dude these things have been faulty multiple times i had one brand new not even hit i had to return right away. Also the sizes for sale are horrible a full gram of decent wax is over 100 the prices are horrible which pisses me off because the product is not what is being said. I wonder if there is a way to test some of this stuff. They are claim shatter concentrate at 90 percent litteraly i dab it on the rig and im like not that lifted at all. They are claim bud in 30% that does not meet that Numbers The average kind bud in street right this second gets you lifted absolutly and this stuff 15-25 % IF THAT so what does this say about the 30%.. Has anyone else noticed that the weights are off and the products are low quanity way over priced and faulty even. Oral spray 55$ less than 20 sprays. wtf.] I dont know man I just want to let people know of my experiences thats all and see if anyone else has noticed. I mean the place beautiful people nice except the chick at front desk she is ok sometimes moody working there cmon lol. but prices like that cmon guys step it up and give discounts and rewards man people are spending an arm and a leg in there some people barley getting there medicine. Kind feels more like the MAN running it pure machine. cause its taking doe and slimming every angle posible u feel me. I will update in a little its new so maybe they get better growers n real deal product the bud hgigh last 30 mins on all most like”

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