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“I'll give it that they are still open being as we are going through licensing issues in Michigan, But I have been there 4 times now and all 4 times were disappointments. I could go on a long review but I'll be quick and as a side note I do not consume wax in any form i.e. shatter, glass I only consume flower so my tolerance is what you would call normal. 1st Visit budtender seemed annoyed and stand offish didn't really want to converse just business and get out, I did ask about patient overages to which I received a cold bring in a sample with your info and test results and we may get back to you; any ways the bud Animal OG wasn't that great nor was the deal. 2nd visit Better budtender however I decided to pick up something not on special got some UK Cheese now the taste was good as was the smoothness but the effects were not there at all. 3rd visit Budtenders remembered me or at least made the attempt got G.S.C once again good taste but little effect. 4th visit Now granted I understand that when you want quantity over quality you get what you pay for but I wanted to judge the cheapest to see what they would pass out with their name on it. I get there the 1st budtender was working security he was still not nice nor really interested in anything but being left alone and watching tv so that was a plus to start I get into the back and one of the better budtenders was there he seems like a good guy just a little quiet I asked for quantity I was offered Chem Haze which smelled good but from the jar looked rather airy for lack of a better term I get it home go to medicate pull out a million stems to smoke almost a quarter to feel absolutely nothing….that is right nothing at all. My wife tried it as well she had no effects as well. Now I did call and let them know that the chem haze was garbage and they did offer for me to bring it back which i guess is cool. But it isn't about making things right so much as making sure your products is actually quality After careful consideration for a dispensary whom requests test results on their bud, their bud quality is subpar with those of the dispensaries around them. granted they are a smaller operation but that should mean more than one budtender actually showing they care by engaging their customers not just standing by looking stoned and in your own world or giving them regurgitated statements and you should strive to never give out sub quality bud even if it is on the “low” shelf. They have lost a customer in me and my circle of friends I do wish them the best in their endeavors but I only rate a 2 out of 5.”

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“Wayne here before they have the best things here too so I prefer to go here again ”

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