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This upscale, family owned dispensary is very particular about the quality of product served to its patients. You will always feel at home with their friendly and knowledgeable staff as they provide you with the information you need to know about their products as well as this new and ever-changing industry. Visit Sticky Buds today to see what you've been missing, and "Trust us, you'll feel better"...

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“This company does not care about the patients, customers or employees. The people who own this company are obviously out to get rich fast - even at the expense of running an upstanding business. If it isn't easy, convenient, and profitable for the owners they just get rid of the issue or complain about what can't be avoided. Shopping at Sticky Buds used to be worth it because the flower was decent and the people were great but it seems they company wants to get rid of all the employees who made it worth the time and money to stop at any of the three locations. There is better bud else where so without the worth-while employees there's no reason to return to any locations.”

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“Place was bomb they gave me a free joint when I brought in canned good which makes going there a lot more enjoyable. Strains where top shelf and the service was great recommended to anyone buying recreational.”

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