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Your window into the marijuana world starts here! Serving medical patients and 21+ rec fans in 11 locations. [Colorado + Oregon] With the help of cannabis, we can attack our days with fierce confidence and achieve sweet success. Living the Leaf Life is all about resilience and pushing the limits of possibilities. Sweet Leaf Dispensaries are a growing part of both the Denver and Portland areas! With cannabis becoming the leader in holistic and physical healing we spend our time making sure that our guests and patients have ready access to the wonderful power of marijuana. Sweet Leaf is dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and affordable solution to anyone who finds that cannabis is their best option. Stop by any of our locations and let us make your day Sweet and Fierce! Come say HIGH at one of our 10 locations in Colorado! 5100 W 38th Ave Denver, CO 80212 303.480.5323 (Rec Only) _______________ 15200 E 6th Ave Aurora, CO 80011 720.859.7896 (Rec Only) _______________ 2647 W 38th Ave Denver, CO 80211 720.379.5001 (Rec Only) _______________ 4125 Elati St Denver, CO 80216 720.389.7162 (Rec Only) _______________ 4400 Evans Ave Denver, CO 80222 303.757.4197 (Rec Only) _______________ 9462 Federal Blvd Federal Heights, CO 80260 303.428.7123 (Med & Rec) _______________ 7200 E Smith Rd Denver, CO 80207 303.351.4358 (Rec Only) _______________ 468 S Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80219 303.719.0620 (Rec Only) _______________ 4379 Tejon St Denver, CO 80211 303.477.2244 (Med Only) _______________ 2609 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205 303.862.6481 (Rec Only) _______________ And we have one store in Portland, Oregon! 2367 SE 122nd St Portland, OR 97233 917.703.4552 (Med & Rec)


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Sweet Leaf - Federal Heights MED

Medical Patients that are UNDER 21 ARE ALLOWED BACK at Federal Heights Location.

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“Congrats on opening up the Rec half of the store...plz keep stocling the high quality medical supplies I trust you to have, including Evo brand pen cartridges. It's thanks to your know ledge able 'tenders that I try to use higher quality oil, so I hope you take note and stock more Evo brand for medical in the future. Ample parking and fun atmosphere, best budtenders in town including the courteous, helpful Michael.”

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“One of the best stores in the city glad I became a member.....😊😊😊😊”

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