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A medical cannabis dispensary located in Mundelein dedicated to serving Illinois Medical Marijuana Patients and making a difference in local communities.


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The Clinic Mundelein

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“answered a cell phone call while being helped by a patient consultant. Rather than being asked to wrap up the call by the PCT,  I was approached by the security and told to hang up.  I have a TBI (tramatic brain injury) and PTSD. I was on the phone with my caregiver so that she could help me pick out medicine and ease my stress while being helped. The PCT was not aware of my condition, however, if she asked me to get off my phone or step aside I would have and also would have let her know who I was talking to and why. A patient care tech's job goes above and beyond your average customer care rep.  Dispensary patients have debilitating illness/conditions that require a level of understanding and compassion which this particular consultant didn't afford me. By unnessarily involving the security guard, I was humiliated and thrown into a tailspin all day (side effect from my brain injury).. No one should be treated this way. The way in which my phone call was handled was excessive. More in line with what you might expect in a courthouse or jail, not a place that is supposed to be helping patients purchase medicine. ”

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“LOVE. Love for their patients, love to help and love what they do! I have never had a bad experience at The Clinic Mundelein...EVER! They take their time with you, explain things to you, answer any question you may have, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Thank you to the entire staff for what you do and how much you all have helped me find ways to deal with my everyday pain so I can enjoy everyday life!!!! Teresa”

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