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Green 2 Go is an OMMP delivery service for Corvallis and the surrounding area. We offer a variety of top grade medicine with more to come! Call for a delivery time today! Schedule a Delivery ATTENTION: All Delivery orders may be made no more than 24 hours in advance. • Phone order by 12 noon (all delivery areas) to schedule a delivery appointment between 1-5pm. Time requests are considered but not guaranteed. • Phone order between 12noon-3:30pm for a Corvallis area to schedule a delivery appointment between 5-8pm. Time requests are considered but not guaranteed. • You must confirm your delivery appointment by phone. Unconfirmed deliveries may be delayed. After confirming the appointment, the patient must be available at the specified address during the 1 hour appointment time. • Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service privileges. • If you will be unavailable for a scheduled delivery, inform us by phone and your order will deliver on the next available day. Please call us at (541)908-9909 Important Note and Rules: This is a service for valid OMMP patients for meds from one patient/grower to another patient (you), where you reimburse the patient/grower donating meds for delivery and grow costs only (listed above) as compliant with ORS 475.300 to 475.346 (available by visiting ORS 475.300 – 475.346 ) This is not for the sale of meds, and is only for valid patients with valid ID and proof of valid OMMP status. The sale of meds is not permitted for any reason according to Oregon law, please do not ask to buy or purchase meds or for the sale of meds for your protection and ours. Proof of valid OMMP status and Oregon ID required before meds given/reimbursement taken. We will not provide our service to anyone that does not follow these basic rules or meet the above requirements. Safety Guidelines • Abuse of the service or our staff will result in denial of service. • Driver carries no product other than your order • Order must be final when you 'call in'. • We will only deliver in daylight hours. • Driver vehicles have security cameras and are tracked via GPS through security headquarters. • Drivers retain the right to refuse service to anyone. • Maximum order is 1oz./flowers or 8 concentrates or 10 edibles, or an equal combination of those items/quantities. Maximum 5 pre-rolls per order. • We will only deliver to a residence, your work or hotel where you are checked in. Addresses and contact numbers will be verified. • Our drivers will not be in uniform or in a marked car. Drivers are randomly and anonymously followed by our trained safety personnel to ensure best practices. • Deliveries are packaged in discreet paper bags. • Please restrain dogs and other animals. We do not know your pets and it is easier for all of us if they are restrained during the visit. Missed Deliveries and Restocking Fee On the specified day of your delivery, if you are UNABLE to be at the delivery location at the time of your delivery, please inform us by phone, and your delivery will be pushed to the next available delivery day. If you are not available for delivery and do not notify us, you MAY be charged a $20 restocking fee. This counts as a "missed delivery." Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service privileges.

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