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Mean Misty

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What is Mean Misty?

Mean Misty is a fruity hybrid with quality mental and physical effects. Brought to life through the genetic cross of Secret Recipe and Blue Dream, Mean Misty emanates a strong berry aroma with earthy elements that speak to its OG heritage. This strain sits firmly between physical and mental effects, gaining an effervescent head rush from the Sour Diesel (in Secret Recipe) and the Haze (in Blue Dream) while garnering the mid-level relaxation of Abusive OG (in Secret Recipe) and Blueberry (in Blue Dream). This strain has been known to push upwards of 20% THC, so mind your dosage and enjoy with care.    

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  • 1. Flowery
  • 2. Sweet

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“Mean Misty isn't mean at all... she's the vanilla latte of weed. She comes on warm and strong with a sativa-leaning uplifting, clear headed high and light body tingling. The come down is deeply relaxing and euphoric without being foggy, sort of like the feeling after a heavy workout. Honestly, you can't go wrong with Mean Misty, she's one of the best hybrids I've ever had.”

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“There was no paranoia. Felt very clean headed. Silly. Euphoric. Functional feeling.”