Phantom Cookies

Phantom Cookies

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Phantom Cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid from Northern California that crosses a flavorful Cherry Pie with the resin-heavy Granddaddy Purple. Green and purple hues weave through the buds beneath a crystalline layer of trichomes, from which sprout Phantom Cookies’ electric orange hairs. Its aroma is an intricate blend of earthiness and roasted nuts, accented by sweeter notes of grape and berry. Next comes this hybrid’s crushing euphoria which shakes the mind awake with creativity and happiness. Increase the dose and the brain and body will be overcome with a relaxing haze that dulls nausea, stress, and pain while sharpening the appetite. Phantom Cookies will be ready to harvest outdoors at the beginning of October, but indoor growers will wait 8 to 9 weeks for buds to finish flowering.

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Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

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  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Berry

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“This is by far my favorite strain! I have never before smoked any weed that completely and totally killed all my pain. Ever. I know a lady who recently had her foot amputated and she had me bringing her this strain saying it was the only thing that helped the pain. The pain relief only lasts about an hour or so, but it kills all pain better than any opiate I've ever encountered. Now as for the high... If I smoke...”

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“At first glance, someone who appreciates the aesthetics of cannabis may be reluctant to even grind these nugs up let alone smoke it. With its vibrant orange hairs, hues of dark purple and green, and it's crystally-coating, Phantom Cookies looks too good to smoke. There's more than meets the eye though. It's scent is uniquely sweet. It smells sugary with berry undertones. Phantom Cookies hits you fairly quickly aft...”


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