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Beastmode 2.0

4.5| 18 Reviews

What is Beastmode 2.0?

Beast Mode 2.0, also known as BlueFire OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid of Master Kush and White Fire OG. It is a proprietary strain distributed by Green Umbrella in Seattle, and bred by Grass Roots Pharm. The strain was developed on the heels of Green Umbrella's other successful proprietary strain, Beast Mode OG. After another successful season for both Beast Mode OG and Seattle’s infamous running back, Grass Roots Pharm and Green Umbrella collaborated to bring Beast Mode 2.0 to the medical market, with plans to make it available for recreational consumption later this summer. Beast Mode 2.0 has a sweet mix of earthy berry and piney Kush flavors and has tested as high as 23% total cannabinoids by Steep Hill Lab. The effects of this hybrid are steered by the heavy indica properties that medical patients seek when fighting chronic pain, sleeplessness, or a lack of appetite.


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Beastmode 2.0 Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Muscle Spasms
Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Beastmode 2.0 Genetics and Grow Info

Beastmode 2.0 Flavors

  • 1. Woody
  • 2. Lemon
  • 3. Pine

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“had to take a break halfway through the blunt. I usually smoke bongs, but I felt it only proper to smoke in true beast mode style. blunts. few puffs in it felt as if syrup was being poured over my brain. a wave of relaxation washed over me moving from my head, downward. it is a fitting name indeed.”

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“Brain relaxed, slight warm feeling in the chest. Easy to lay down and relax, back pain gone. Little foggy headed at peak of high. Slight happy euphoria. Great stuff. Oh and where I'm at it's called Blue fire OG It is like a nice blue fire is running through my nervous system.”


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