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The best-rated weed dispensaries in California for 2023

Published on March 7, 2022 · Last updated June 5, 2023
The best dispensaries in California are nearly all 5-star spots. Expect to be wowed. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)
People come from all around the world for it. Here are the top weed shops to add to your itinerary. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)

In a state where cannabis is everything, California’s dispensaries have established themselves as the gold standard in the industry and serve as a model for dispensaries across the country. With over a decade of experience, the local dispensary industry in California has fine-tuned its service offerings, product selection, deals, and customer experience to near perfection. The cannabis industry in California is competitive, with thousands of licensed dispensaries competing with each other and illegal dispensaries selling untested products.

To get the best service and highest quality bud possible, you’ll want to visit a dispensary with good reviews. To help you do this, we created Leafly List. Leafly List shows you the best dispensaries in California for 2023 based on customer reviews of dispensaries on Leafly.com.

The best-rated weed dispensaries in California 2022

Highest-rated recreational dispensaries in California

From Weed to San Diego, these dispensaries have a reputation for offering low prices and high quality products.

La Florista

242 Main St, Weed, CA — recreational

“We are fortunate to have La Florista dispensary leading the renaissance of downtown weed. The owners have shown unwavering dedication to delivering quality to the market, and it is evident in their impressive selection and top-notch products. Whether you’re willing to splurge on top-shelf items or seeking budget-friendly options, you won’t find any subpar products here.”

Super Fresh Farms Delivery

Los Angeles, CA — recreational

“I’ve been a loyal customer of Super Fresh Farms for quite some time, and I haven’t come across any other place that can match their exceptional deals and quality. In fact, I’ve recommended this spot to a few of my friends, and they’ve had the same positive experience. I don’t bother looking elsewhere anymore because I know other places simply can’t compare.”

ERBA Markets – Venice (REC)

4200 Lincoln Blvd, Marina del Rey, CA — recreational

“ERBA has a cozy and inviting atmosphere that adds to its charm. Despite its smaller size, they offer a wide selection of strains and an impressive variety of edibles, surpassing many other dispensaries. The staff members are exceptionally friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist. They take the time to remember your preferences and provide valuable recommendations for new strains to try. I had a delightful experience when a budtender remembered I was vegan and enthusiastically showcased some newly arrived vegan-friendly edibles. The level of service they provide is truly unmatched.”

Cali Care Group (Yucaipa)

Yucaipa, CA — recreational

“The product at this place was excellent. I had a wonderful experience with the budtender who was incredibly kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would definitely purchase from her again. She had a deep understanding of the product and was able to provide clear explanations and assistance. This dispensary always comes through with reliable and fairly priced options.”

More Locations: Cali Care Group – Menifee

Leo’s World

265 L St , Crescent City, CA — recreational

“The staff at Leo’s World are highly knowledgeable about their products. They offer a large selection of cannabis to choose from, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The staff members are friendly and always ready to provide helpful advice to assist you in finding the products that best suit your needs. Their guidance is invaluable in helping me make informed decisions on buying cannabis.”

Trees of Echo Park

1932 Scott Ave, Los Angeles, CA — recreational

“I had an amazing first experience with Trees of Echo Park. They took the time to understand my needs and preferences, guiding me through their selection of strains and products. Their recommendations were spot on, and I was delighted to discover some new favorites.”

The Cake House – Clinton Keith

32475 Clinton Keith Road Suite 104, Wildomar, CA — recreational

“The budtenders here are so helpful and knowledgeable, always recommending the best strains. The customer service at The Cake House makes the entire shopping experience so great. You can tell they really care about you here, plus they offer great deals and discounts.”

More Locations: The Cake House – Vista

Kind Delivery Co.

571 Crane St. Unit H, Lake Elsinore, CA — recreational

“I had an amazing experience with my delivery driver from Kind Delivery Co. He was not only very nice but also displayed a great level of customer care. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend Kind Delivery for any delivery order.”

California Holistics

810 Paseo Del Rey, Chula Vista, CA — recreational

“California Holistics has a wonderfully serene atmosphere. It’s never overcrowded or rushed, allowing for a relaxed experience. The ambiance is enhanced by the pleasant music playing when you walk in, creating an inviting environment. The entire staff was incredibly helpful and provided me with valuable insights, including information about the type of THC that suits me best. This has become my go-to dispensary, as I find that no other place compares in terms of exceptional customer service, support, great deals, and competitive prices. I am a big fan of their happy hour specials.”

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Highest-rated medical dispensaries in California

Medical patients in California rate these dispensaries highly for their compassionate care and knowledgeable budtenders.

SoCAL Green Meds (South)

Hesperia, CA — medical

“The staff at SoCAL Green Meds know their stuff and are dedicated to ensuring their patients are well taken care of. They prioritize professionalism and provide a level of care that sets them apart from other dispensaries in the state. In an industry where compromised products and unprofessional budtenders can be a concern, this shop stands out as a reliable and trustworthy option. If you’re looking for a dispensary that values professionalism and offers high-quality products, this is the place to go.

More Locations: SoCAL Green Meds North

ERBA Markets – West LA (MED)

12320 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA — medical

“ERBA has impressed me with their selection of top shelf buds. They are high quality and reasonably priced.”

Captain Jack’s

100 West Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, CA — recreational/medical

“Captain Jack’s is a true first class dispensary with a clean and beautiful environment, along with a staff that is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They offer a wide selection of products at competitive prices, catering to the preferences of any cannabis enthusiast. The location is convenient, providing lots of free parking.”

HPRC – Arcata

980 6th Street, Arcata, CA — recreational/medical

“After living in Humboldt for seven years, HPRC has become my go-to dispensary. The budtenders are highly knowledgeable and provide valuable information, while the security staff at check-in are friendly and welcoming. I always look introverted, forward to having conversations with the staff and benefiting from their expertise during each visit.


233 E Channel Islands Blvd , Port Hueneme, CA — recreational/medical

“The service at SkunkMasters is top-notch! They offer fantastic deals for first-time patients, and their delivery service is incredibly prompt. I had an amazing experience with my driver who was friendly, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer all my questions.”

Blue Mountain Collective – San Andreas

692 Marshall Ave, San Andreas, CA — recreational/medical

“I love Blue Mountain Collective! The staff is consistently helpful and patient whenever I visit. They take the time to address all of my questions and are constantly striving to enhance their already impressive menu. I’m so dedicated to BMC that I’m willing to go out of my way just to obtain what I need from them.”

The Humboldt County Collective

1662 Myrtle Ave Ste A, Eureka, CA — recreational/medical

“The Humboldt County Collective is perfect for individuals who value selection, quality, and service. While the store is small and may not have a flashy high-tech appearance, it is packed with extensive product knowledge, top-notch products, and fair prices. They prioritize passing on savings to customers instead of investing heavily in interior decor. The budtenders excel in providing helpful advice and delivering friendly service. They offer special discounts for loyal customers and seniors. For the best deals on the finest quality, visit the dispensary’s back entrance like the knowledgeable locals do. You won’t be disappointed.”

Highway 29 Health Care

3737 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA — recreational/medical

“Highway 29 dispensary has easy parking access, which I love. In terms of experience, the people, product, and overall atmosphere are top quality. The staff members are not only friendly but highly knowledgeable, too. They consistently provide excellent recommendations, taking into consideration my preferences. It has become my go-to dispensary for obtaining high-quality medication.”

Culture Cannabis Club – Banning

1474 W Ramsey St , Banning, CA — recreational/medical

“Culture Cannabis Club has established itself as a standout location. The staff is exceptionally friendly, always willing to assist and communicate effectively. They are proactive in informing customers about current deals and go the extra mile to provide helpful recommendations. I haven’t encountered any subpar products or major issues, although there have been occasional out-of-stock items. However, their extensive product list ensures that substitutions or alternative options are readily available. Culture prioritizes convenience for recurring customers while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. I highly recommend giving this place a try.”

More Locations: Culture Cannabis Club – Moreno, Culture Cannabis Club – Jurupa

Best recreational and medical dispensaries in Los Angeles of 2023

Selection criteria for Leafly List

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in California, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly in California, as well as other quality indicators, like reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.

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