Seattle Hempfest: 2018 Schedule & Insider’s Guide

Published on August 16, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

It wouldn’t be August in Seattle without Hempfest. The annual celebration of cannabis, legalization, and marijuana culture parks its fragrant, fun-loving self down on Seattle’s waterfront this weekend and lets rip with one of the greatest parties of the summer.

For those hitting this year’s event, we have the full schedule plus some pro tips to help make your visit the smoothest, coolest, and happiest day of the season.

Know Before You Go

When: Friday, Aug 17, 12 noon to 8 pm

Saturday, Aug 18, 10 am to 8 pm

Sunday, Aug 19, 10 am to 8 pm

Where: Hempfest sprawls over three parks—Centennial, Myrtle Edwards, and Olympic Sculpture Parks, which connect along the Seattle waterfront, about one mile north of the Great Wheel.

Cost: Free, but it’d be cool if you ponied up the suggested $10 donation.

Age limit: None

Weather forecast: Partly cloudy with a high of 77°F on Friday, full sun with highs in the upper 70s/low 80s on Saturday and Sunday.

Ticket required: None

Can I bring my own food & bev? Sure, but alcohol is not allowed in the parks. Pro tip: Bring water and a blanket. You’re going to want to stretch out.Find the Dispensary Near You Right NowWhat about, um, you know: Buy your cannabis before arriving. None will be sold onsite. This is an all-ages cannabis festival, not an onsite consumption event like the Cannabis Cup.

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What dispensaries are near the event? You’ve got Have a Heart’s Belltown location; further south there’s Green Fire Cannabis; Dockside Sodo; Diego Pellicer; and Ganja Goddess. If you’re staying near Capitol Hill, check out Ruckus on East Republican. If you’re crashing in North Seattle, The Joint‘s University District dispensary is your go-to store. Find the one nearest you with Leafly’s Dispensary Finder.

Won’t they be crowded this weekend? Yes. May we, ahem, suggest using Leafly Pickup to place your order online. Budtenders will have your package ready when you arrive, and you’ll fly past all the customers waiting in line.

Any special Hempfest deals?Diego Pellicer has some crazy deals for Hempfest: 65% off Str8fire Kief, 40% off Viva Cannabis & Odo Concentrates, 25% off Journeyman 10mg cookies, and 67% (!) off Herb’s Oil Ounces. Supplies are limited, so get there early. Order via Leafly Pickup and the Diego staff will have it ready for you at a special express station. In the U District, The Joint has 10% off the entire store Thurs-Sun. At Ganja Goddess, they’re offering Burnwell 14g packages of flower (Candyland and Sunset Sherbet) for $74, Thurs-Sun, limit 1 per customer.

Any strain recommendations?

Click for more about the strain. (Elysse Feigneblatt/Leafly)

Of course. Our cannabis expert Dante Jordan suggests stocking up on Orange Cookies. “It’s going to provide a heavy-hitting high that also gives you a little boost of ‘I need to get outside’ energy,” he says. “It leaves you stoned for hours, so you can leave the house without worrying about when you’re going to smoke again. This is great for Hempfest since you have to get stoned before getting there, and you aren’t quite sure how long it’ll be until you leave.”

What if the crowd’s a little much for me? Our strain editor Bailey Rahn recommends something higher in CBD. “Hempfest can be a very overstimulating environment, especially for people who have never been or don’t smoke tons and tons of weed,” she says. Calm your head with high-CBD classics like ACDC or Harlequin, or look into a new high-CBD strain, CBD Lilly.Hempfest Dispensary Lines Are Epic

Getting There

Best Entry Point: There are three entry points (north, central, and south). The easiest and best is central, via the West Thomas Street pedestrian overpass accessed at the intersection of 3rd Ave W and W Harris St in lower Queen Anne, four blocks west of Key Arena. More information on entry points here.

Where do I park the car? Don’t park on the street. Most spaces are limited to two hours, rates are expensive, and nobody wants to trek back to feed the meter. Find a cheap lot. The Mercer Street Garage, ($15/day), north of Key Arena, is always a good option. Park there and rideshare or bikeshare to the West Thomas Street overpass. Or enjoy a lovely stroll through Seattle Center. Pro tip: Get $10 off two rides with Lyft using the code HEMPFEST2018.

Once You’re In

Stash your stuff: Hempfest offers on-site locker storage for $15 per day, which includes free all-day phone charging at the Phone Charging Valet station.

Cool to light up? Technically, no. It is legal for adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of cannabis in Washington State. It is not legal to consume in public, and Hempfest is definitely in public. But there’s also a tradition of respect and discretion at Hempfest. If you practice discretion, the local authorities will generally look the other way. Rule of thumb: Don’t be a scene-making jerk and ruin it for everyone.

If I can’t buy weed what can I buy? Hempfest is a great place to purchase a new glass bong or dab rig. Pro tip from Leafly’s Will Hyde: “Many vendors have special event pricing. Vendors are eager to make their first sale of the day, so try to barter with them and really capture that value, or wait to purchase until Sunday afternoon when vendors would much rather give you a discount than pack their items back out at the end of the event.”

I’m suddenly hungry. Go figure. Is there food onsite? Hell yeah. Hempfest’s Munchie Market has everything from Athena’s Greek gyros to Mar Y Tierra’s Mexican plates to the fryapalooza known as Poutine Your Mouth.

Anything offsite but nearby? Absolutely. South along the waterfront there’s Anthony’s on Pier 66 and Elliott’s Oyster House on Pier 56. In lower Queen Anne there’s Ozzie’s, Pagliacci, Racha Noodles, and Dick’s Drive-In (with air-conditioned indoor seating). There’s also a Safeway at 1st Ave W and Republican.

If you need to get away and chill for an hour: Head over the West Thomas Street overpass to Seattle Center. You can lounge near (or in) the International Fountain or grab some grub from more than a dozen options in the Armory. Pro tip from Leafly’s Bruce Barcott: “My favorite spot in Seattle Center–and maybe the entire city–is La Marzocco, the coffee house that’s located in the KEXP Gathering Space. Grab a sofa, enjoy some brew, and listen to the KEXP DJs create a soundtrack for your day.”

Friday Schedule

Leafly’s Daily Pick: Get yourself a dose of righteous information and inspiration at the Share Parker Main Stage late this afternoon between 4:40 and 5:00.

Danica Noble

First up: Kevin Jodrey, owner of NorCal’s Wonderland Nursery and an internationally respected expert on cannabis seeds and growing. He’s followed by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, who co-sponsored Washington’s Initiative 502 and is now working to expunge cannabis convictions in Seattle. Then comes Seattle attorney Danica Noble, director of NORML Women of Washington and a fierce warrior for cannabis rights.

Cup winner: Gelato

Strain of the Day: Gelato. “Straight-up fire,” says Leafly’s Dante Jordan. “It’ll give you a bit of an energy boost, but in a way that makes you want to go somewhere and just chill for a bit.” Order it through Leafly Pickup at Ruckus on Capitol Hill.

Share Parker Main Stage

Note: Later events are hidden for space reasons. Click “Show entries” or “Next” to see more. 

12:00 NoonFestival Opens; Sacred Water Ceremony
12:35pmSeth Cunnigan
12:40pmShawn DeNae
12:45pmDoug McVay
12:50pm Elvy Musikka
1:00pmFree the Jester
1:35pmDr. Sunil Aggarwal
1:40pm Liz Blaz
1:45pmFarmer Tom Lauerman
1:50pm Sage Amdahl
2:00pmGirls Love Rockets
2:35pmMichael Krawitz
2:40pm Cat Jeter
2:45pmLeland Berger
2:50pmJerry Whiting
3:00pmSuntonio Bandanez
3:35pmDerek Smith
3:40pmJamie Shaw
3:45pmNicolle Callier
3:50pm Announcements
4:00pmTall Paul
4:40pmKevin Jodry
4:45pmPete Holmes
4:50pmDanica Noble
5:00pmDharma Kings
5:35pmDanielle Rosellison
5:40pmKristin Nevedal
5:45pmBeth Schechter
5:50pmRachael Brower
6:00pmWild Planes
6:35pmAlex Cooley
6:40pmDanielle Muggli
6:45pmAaron Pelley
6:50pmDon E. Wirtshafter
7:00pmDJ Brooklyn

Ric Smith Hemposium Stage

12:30pmSaving Children With CannabisMeagan Holt
Sierra Riddle
Trey Brown
Cat Jeter
Jerry Whiting
1:35pmSustainability: Responsible CultivationDerek Smith
Juddy Rosellinson
Kristin Nevedal
Jeremy Moberg
2:25pmConsumers Rights: Today's Legal Market, and Expunging the PastDominic Corva
Bonnie Fong
Aaron Pelley
Mitzi Vaughn
Pete Holmes
3:15pmGenetics: Breeding Best Practices & How To Preserve GeneticsBeth Schechter
Kevin Jodry
DJ Short

Seeley Black Stage

12:35 pmMartin Martinez
12:40 pmMagic Black
12:45 pmCarl Prothman
1:00 pmTim-Me
1:35 pmColt DeMorris
1:40 pmKevin Jodrey
1:45 pmRobert Prentice
1:50 pmDr. Jade Stefano
2:00 pmCristos and Company
2:35 pmPatrick Seifert
2:40 pmTwenty22Many
3:00 pmThe Boleys
3:35 pmNeil Lequia
3:40 pmNick Mosely
3:45 pmMac MacGregor
3:50 pmShawn DeNae
4:00 pmSpeak Easy
4:35 pmWes Abney
4:40 pmRashaan Everett
4:45 pmJoy Beckerman
4:50 pmGeorge Martorano
5:00 pmMendo Dope
5:35 pmJeffrey Steinborn
5:40 pmGreta Carter
5:45 pmChris Conrad
5:50 pmMikki Norris
6:00 pmSimple Minded Symphony
6:35 pmJoelle Puccio
6:45 pmOmar Figueroa
6:50 pmJared Allaway
7:00 pmRaincity Blue
$60 Ounces at Diego Pellicer

Saturday Schedule

Pick of the Day: DOPE Awards, Seeley Black Stage, 6 pm. The state’s top growers, processors, and retailers compete for the DOPE crown, awarded each year by DOPE Magazine. The best of the best will be named in more than 30 categories. Hang out and help the winners celebrate, and meet the makers of some of your favorite products. Remember: We’re all winners tonight.

To help you ride on.

Strain of the Day: Good oldACDC . It’s probably not your start-up strain for Saturday, but you’d be wise to pack some of this high-CBD, low-THC cannabis for yourself or a friend. When the sights, sounds, smells, and crowds become a little too much, ye olde AckerDacker will help mellow you out.

Share Parker Main Stage

12:00 NoonChristina Holmes
12:35 pmBoris Budd
12:40 pmStacy Bloch
12:45 pm Amanda Mac
12:50 pmDr. David Bearman
1:00 pmJaded Mary
1:35 pm Yvonne Snyder
1:40 pmSierra Riddle
1:45 pmJohn Conroy
1:50 pmMadeline Martinez
2:00 pmDeal
2:35 pmKevin Oliver
2:40 pmCrystal Oliver
2:45 pmAC Braddock
2:50 pmGreta Carter
3:00 pmEllen Bukstel
3:35 pmOmar Figueroa
3:40 pmTiara Darnell
4:00 pmDanny Boy
4:40 pmMeagan Holt
4:45 pmBonnie Fong
4:50 pmWes Abney
5:00 pmClimax Blues Band
5:35 pmNurse Heather Manus
5:40 pmKyle Kushman
5:45 pmChris Conrad
5:50 pmMikki Norris
6:00 pmHarrison B
6:35 pmPatrick Seifert
6:40 pm Twenty22Many
7:00 pmRocky Kramer

Ric Smith Hemposium Stage

10amOpening SetStacy Bloch
Amanda Mac
Chris Conrad
Mikki Norris
10:15amNORML: Fighting for Consumer RightsColt DeMorris
Madeline Martinez
John Conroy
Danica Noble
Kevin Oliver
Joy Beckerman
11:05amActivism in the Legal Age: We Still Need YouBailey Hirschburg
Amber Iris Langston
Mac McGregor
Danielle Muggli
Seth Cunnigan
11:55amHemp RevolutionJoy Beckerman
Pamela Bosch
David Seber
Patricia Steward
Don E. Wirtshafter
12:45pmHow's Business? The Local, National, and Global Cannabis IndustryCrystal Oliver
Shanita Penny
Jamie Shaw
Neil Juneja
Greta Carter
1:35pmCultivating Best Practices: From Home Grows to Commercial AcresStinkbud
Kyle Kushman
Danny Danko
Tyson Haworth
Farmer Tom
2:25pmMilitary Veterans: The Fight for AccessEllen Brown
Patrick Seifert
Michael Krawitz
3:15pmMotivational SpeakerRobert Prentice
4:00pmThe Lightweight ChampsThe Lightweight Champs
5:00pmSpace CoyoteSpace Coyote
6:00pmBoris BuddBoris Budd

Seeley Black Stage

11 amTribal Voices
12:00 NoonSatin Sirens
12:35 pmTrey Brown
12:40 pmKaryemaitre Aliffe
12:45 pmKari Boiter
12:50 pmAlex Cooley
1:00 pmThe Requisite
1:35 pmLeah Maurer
1:40 pmGrandma Cat Jeter
1:45 pmCasey Houlihan
1:50 pmBrian Stone
2:00 pmPause for the Cause
2:35 pm Douglas Hiatt
2:40 pmShanita Penny
2:45 pmAh Warner
2:50 pmLiz Blaz
3:00 pmLacy Gibbet
3:35 pm Nurse Heather Manus
3:40 pmSage Amdahl
3:45 pmGiana Lampreda
3:50 pmNgaio Bealum
4:00 pmKings of Cavalier
4:35 pmDerek Smith
4:40 pmJerry Whiting
4:45 pm Ben Livingston
4:50 pmAllison Bigelow
5:00 pmGhosts of the Pacific
5:35 pmLeland Berger
5:40 pmDJ Short
5:45 pmCheryl Shuman
5:50 pmTara Darnell
6:00 pm DOPE Awards
It's Sunday. You've Run Out of Weed.

Sunday Schedule

Leafly’s Pick of the Day: The Ric Smith Hemposium Stage, 10 am to 3 pm.

This stage really hits its stride on Sunday, with six back-to-back panel discussions packed with some of the best cannabis minds in the nation. Highlights: Ngaio Bealum will set your morning with a smile (10 am) and bring on a panel All About the Cannabinoid System (10:15 am), followed by a panel about Cannabis POWs (11 am). Then it’s Tackling Cannabias: Normalizing Cannabis in an Alcohol-Friendly Society (11:50 am); Topicals, Tinctures, Extractions & Infusions (12:40 pm) with two of our faves, AC Braddock and Ah Warner; Diversity Plans and Social Equity (1:30 pm), featuring the East Coast powerhouse Shanita Penny, president of the Minority Cannabis Business Association; and CBD: What’s the Buzz? (2:20 pm) anchored by Project CBD founder Martin Lee.

Strain of the Day: Go for the deep relax today with Purple Punch, a strain that offers a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes before settling down into the limbs. Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness.

Let’s Make a Deal

Pro Tip: Sunday afternoon is a great time to bargain-hunt for some nice glass pieces. Vendors would rather sell to you than pack them home.

Share Parker Main Stage

12 noonZombie Jihad
12:35 pmDr. Jake Felice
12:40 pmCourtney Moran
12:45 pmPatricia Steward
12:50 pmBen Livingston
1:00 pmTommy G
1:35 pmJoelle Puccio
1:40 pmLeah Maurer
1:45 pmTyson Haworth
1:50 pmMartin Martinez
2:00 pmPaper Nova
2:35 pmCharlo Greene
2:40 pmCheryl Shuman
2:45 pmMadeline Martinez
2:50 pmDouglas Hiatt
3:00 pmNOHC
3:35 pmRobert Prentice
3:40 pmRashaan Everett
3:45 pmJoy Beckerman
4:00 pmDame Dilla
4:40 pmAh Warner
4:45 pmDiane Fornbacher
4:50 pmShanita Penny
5:00 pmFynnie's Basement
5:35 pmNgaio Bealum
5:40 pmCyril Bouanna
5:45 pmAllison Bigelow
5:50 pmKari Boiter
6:00 pmWithering Blooms
6:35 pmJohn Davis
6:40 pmMonte Levine
6:45 pmSharon Whitson
6:50 pmGeorge Martorano
7:00 pmHerbivores
7:45 pmClosing Ceremony

Ric Smith Hemposium Stage

10:00amFestival OpeningNgaio Bealum
Dominic Corva
10:15amThe Endocannabinoid Systems: Maximizing the Benefits for Our Bodies

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal
Dr. Karymaitre Aliffe
Dr. David Bearman
Dr. Jade Stefano
Dr. Jake Felice
11:00amCannabis POWsNatalie DePriest
Kristin Flor
George Martorano
Kari Boiter
11:50amTackling Cannabias: Normalizing Cannabis in an Alcohol Friendly SocietyLeah Maurer
Joelle Puccio
Diane Fornbacher
Tiara Darnell
12:40pmTopicals, Tinctures, Terpenes, Tokes and Tastes: Extractions and InfusionsBen Cassidy
AC Braddock
Amanda Mac
Unika Noiel
Ah Warner
1:30pmDiversity Plans and Social Equity: What Can Your Organization Do?Moderator: Jerry Whiting
Shanita Penny
Rashaan Everett
Neil Lequia
Rachael Brower
Nicolle Callier
2:20pmCBD: What’s the Buzz?Martin Lee
Giana Lampreda
Golan Vaknin
Courtney Moran
3:00pmLessons from Around the Nation: Working toward Standardization for Future Interstate CommerceRachel Kurtz
Casey Houlihan
Nick Mosely
Jim MacRae
Alex Cooley
4:00pmKader SundyKader Sundy
5:00pmThe PerSistersThe PerSisters
6:00pmTommy G.Tommy G.

Seeley Black Stage

11 amTribal Voice
12 noonVictory Kid
12:35 pmGolan Vaknin
12:40 pmJeremy Moberg
12:45 pmEllen Brown
12:50 pmElvy Musikka
1:35 pmRachel Kurtz
1:40 pmMadeline Martinez
1:45 pmAmber Iris Langston
1:50 pmBailey Hirschburg
2:00 pmButt Dial
2:35 pmAmanda Mac
2:40 pmStacy Bloch
2:45 pmYvonne Snyder
2:50 pmDiane Fornbacher
3:35 pmBech Schechter
3:40 pmMeagan Holt
3:45 pmAC Braddock
3:50 pmMartin Lee
4:00 pmLakota
4:35 pmMichael Krawitz
4:40 pmCharlo Greene
4:45 pmSeth Cunnigan
4:50 pmDawn Darington
5:00 pmPhake
5:35 pmTea Lopez
5:40 pmDoug McVay
5:45 pmNicolle Callier
5:50 pmKristen Flor
6:00 pmSiren's Rain
6:35 pmUnika Noiel
6:40 pmSierra Riddle
7:00 pmLou Era and CMak

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