Smoke This, Play That Vol. 7: Xavier Omar, Tennyson, and Jaden Smith (Yes, Really)

Published on December 15, 2017 · Last updated January 5, 2022
Smoke This, Play That Vol. 7

Greetings, earthlings, and welcome to Smoke This, Play That Vol. 7, where talk about what new music has come out and which strains pair perfectly with those tunes. Get your ears ready ’cause boy oh boy, this month’s a good one.

Xavier Omar – Pink Lightning EP

If you don’t know about Xavier Omar, you must be new here because I scream his praises every chance I get. He really is a name to look out for in the foreseeable future. Pink Lighting is a short EP about love and all the shit that goes with it. It gives off those strong “Baby, just be there for me” vibes that go perfectly with a nice joint session around 1:30 a.m.

Strain:Pink Panther

Pink strain for a pink album, right? Pink Panther is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’ll smack you in the face, but will still make you want to get up and move, just like this EP (even though it’s a late-night kind of album). A couple hits of PP and you’ll be sliding across the kitchen to “Runnin’ Round.”

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Jaden Smith – SYRE

You’re laughing and I totally understand. Jaden Smith? Rapping? Yes. Jaden Smith rapping. He’s been making music for a while, but it seems he finally found his sound as SYRE is one of the most enjoyable projects to drop in all of 2017. One play of the first four songs, “B,” “L,” “U,” and “E,’ and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. SYRE is deep. It’s inspirational; reflective of a young man on a journey through this world, just searching for his place. Its embodies every single emotion that all of us feel on a daily basis as we try to figure out the meaning of life. Crazy that he’s so young, yet so in tune with “getting it.”

Strain:Sharks breath

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Sharks breath is an indica-dominant hybrid that’ll hit you hard, but won’t necessarily put you down for the count. A few hits of it and you’ll feel a vast amount of pain relief and relaxation, but it’ll bring about the deep thoughts and feelings of introspection. Just like SYRE.

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Tennyson – Uh Oh! EP

All this time I thought Tennyson was just one dude, but it turns out they’re a brother/sister duo. Regardless, the Uh Oh! EP is such a musical journey of instrumentation mixed with a wild array of random vocals at random times. The only way to describe it is it’s an audio kaleidoscope. You get high and play this EP and suddenly you’re on a trip through a world you never even knew. Tennyson provides one of the most unique sounds and vibes out there today.

Strain:Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a sativa that makes for a good daytime strain, despite the name sounding like it’ll destroy your life. Not only will it have you up and energetic, you’ll be feeling mighty productive and ready for whatever. Combine that with how fun the Uh Oh! EP sounds and you’ve got a perfect marriage of cannabis and tunes.

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Miguel – War & Leisure

THE BEST ALBUM ON THIS HERE LIST. War & Leisure is Miguel’s fourth studio album, and boy oh boy, it is a vibe. From start to finish, it’ll make you feel like the sexiest person alive. You’ll want to throw all your clothes away and bask in all of your glory. One listen and you’ll be like “Wow, it turns out Prince didn’t die after all.” Definitely get high before/while listening to this, because the way you feel will take you on a spiritual trip through all of your emotions. Whew. Such a great album.

Strain:Pineapple Express

“War & Leisure” is a feel-good album that will inspire you to get up and create something beautiful, whether it’s a painting or a baby. You need a strain that’ll give you energetic vibes to match this album’s sound. That’s where Pineapple Express comes into play. Light it up, play “Pineapple Skies,” and let everything you feel guide you into the light.

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The Foreign Exchange – Hide&Seek

I have no clue who they are or how I found them, but I’m glad I did, and you should be, too. The Foreign Exchange is a duo comprised of rapper Phonte and Dutch producer Nicolay. Their sound is so special and so fun, and feels so good. It’ll make you want to light a joint and go dance around the block without a care in the world. Picture if the perfect Electronic album had sex with the perfect R&B album, and the baby came out already knowing how to sing and dance. Hide&Seek has a plethora of great tracks that sound like some real Miami Vice-type shit: that music that you vibe out to under a pink glow while wearing all white. I can’t wait to boogie to this joint.

Strain:Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a sativa that will have you feeling up and ready for life, even though it provides a heavy body high. If you’re stressed out or just have a lot of things going on in your head, this is the perfect strain to mellow you out. That’s why it goes so well with this album, because Hide&Seek will have you feeling super carefree and happy. A few hits of Super Silver Haze and Hide&Seek will flow right past your eardrums and all the way down into your soul.

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And as always, here’s your playlist of Smoke This, Play That Vol. 7 to ride out to at your leisure.

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