Top-Rated Dispensaries in Colorado College Towns

Published on September 20, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Maybe you’ve already discovered your favorite dive bar or late-night pizza joint. But do you know the best place for your cannabis needs? We’ve curated Leafly reviewers’ favorites in college towns that have legal cannabis for adults 21 and up.

Note that not every city is included. Some big urban areas, such Denver—which isn’t really a college town, is it?—aren’t on here. If you don’t see your city, don’t worry. Just head over to the Leafly Finder to find a dispensary nearby.


Home to: University of Colorado Boulder, Naropa University, Boulder College of Massage Therapy

The Green Room

This reliably reviewed shop has everything you could ask for: a wide range of flower and concentrate choices, friendly staff, and great deals to keep coming back. (4.9 stars, 113 reviews)


Boasting a well-curated menu and customer service that wows Leafly reviewers, this shop is definitely worth dropping by—and many locals call it their go-to dispensary. (4.8 stars, 38 reviews)

The Station

Exceptional prices bring people in, but beloved budtenders keep them coming back to this consistent, well-located shop. Knowledgable staff make this is great spot for cannabis newcomers and veterans alike. (4.7 stars, 71 reviews)

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co.

This cozy shop offers a laid-back vibe and good value, with a selection of quality products at some of the most competitive prices in the city. (4.8 stars, 26 reviews)

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Boulder Wellness Center

If you’re looking for clean, top-shelf flower and concentrates, make sure to include a trip to Boulder Wellness Center, known for its consistently high quality and staff members more than happy to point you in the right direction. (4.7 stars, 38 reviews)

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Colorado Springs

Home to: University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado College, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs

Maggie’s Farm

With recreational cannabis shops restricted in Colorado Springs, head to this nearby favorite in Manitou Springs, where knowledgable budtenders will help guide you through the store’s wide selection of products. (4.6 stars, 597 reviews)

Emerald Fields

Also in nearby Manitou Springs, this thoughtfully designed shop allows visitors to explore and examine products closely, either on their own or with the guidance of a budtender. (4.3 stars, 21 reviews)Dabbing in Denver?

Fort Collins

Home to: Colorado State University Fort Collins

Infinite Wellness Center

This top-reviewed shop has carved out a spot as one of the town’s best budget dispensaries, but the store’s reputation doesn’t stop there. It also offers good deals, a wide selection of products, and budtenders who make you feel welcome. Bonus: dog friendly. (4.8 stars, 1,036 reviews)

Solace Meds

Reviewers rave about Solace’s high level of customer care, convenient location, and ability to get customers in and out the door smoothly. Take a look at the shop’s daily deals. (4.8 stars, 168 reviews)

Organic Alternatives

With a background in the medical industry, this shop can not only make smart product recommendations from the menu’s array of high-quality offerings, but staff can also answer questions about medical licensing or point you toward a nearby doctor or caregiver. (4.8 stars, 317 reviews)

Natural Alternatives

If you care about how your cannabis is grown, drop by Natural Alternatives, which specializes in living soil-grown plants. The combination of quality product and good prices, though, mean the store can get busy. (4.8 stars, 132 reviews)

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Home to: Colorado State University Pueblo, Pueblo Community College

Maggie’s Farm

With a handful of locations across Colorado, there’s likely a Maggie’s Farm near you. The highest-rated in the region is it’s Pueblo East location (4.9 stars, 101 reviews), but it also has two other nearby shops: Pueblo West (4.7 stars, 109 reviews) and Pueblo North (5 stars, 1 review).

Nature’s Gift Shop

This well-reviewed shop nails it, with knowledgable budtenders, competitive prices, and a wide range of products (not to mention daily deals) that make it well worth the trip. (4.8 stars, 140 reviews)

The Spot 420

If you want a budtender willing to take time to answer your questions, check out The Spot, which has earned a reputation for that very thing. You might even get a tour of the grow before making your way to the sales floor. (4.7 stars, 191 reviews)

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