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7 Effective and Convenient Transdermal Cannabis Patches

Published on January 30, 2018 · Last updated September 6, 2022
(Courtesy Papa & Barkley)

Transdermal patches offer a new and unique way to consume cannabis outside the usual edibles, flower, and vape pens. With their immediate infusion into the bloodstream, they’re a convenient and quick option to address your THC or CBD needs—all you have to do is unwrap, stick, and you’re set.

What are THC, CBD, and other cannabis-derived transdermal patches?

Below, check out our picks of effective and relaxing transdermal patches that will take you to new heights without all the smoke and mirrors.

Transdermal Patches by Mary’s Medicinals

(Courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals)

Made in single dose patches ranging from 10—20mg CBD, THC, or CBN, Mary’s MedicinalsTransdermal Patches offer variety to suit your individual cannabis preferences. With a super-fast onset and lasting duration, these patches will stick with you through long days and well into the night.

Available in: Colorado, Oregon, Washington

Releaf Patches by Papa & Barkley

(Courtesy of Papa and Barkley)

Papa & Barkley are well-known for their quality topicals, and their Releaf Patches are no exception. With 12 hours of consistent cannabinoid release, you’ll experience all-day relief in CBD:THC ratios spanning 3:1, 1:1, and 1:3.

Available in: California

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THC Transdermal Patches by Present Naturals

(Courtesy of Present Naturals)

Available in 22.5mg and 30mg THC doses, Present NaturalsTHC Transdermal Patches are chock full of botanical and cannabis goodness. You’ll also be at peace with the company’s dedication to nature—their patches do not contain any chemical enhancers, butane, or CO2.

Available in: California and Washington

Transdermal Patches by Pura Elements

(Courtesy of Pura Elements)

Choose Pure Elements’ sativa, hybrid, indica, CBD or CBD:THC Transdermal Patches for a highly personal dosing experience. Packed with plant extracts to increase cannabinoid assimilation to the bloodstream, you’ll feel a quick onset with calm elevation.

Available in: Canada

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18:1 CBD:THC Topical Patches by Pure Ratios

(Courtesy of Pure Ratios)

You can wear Pure Ratios18:1 CBD:THC Topical Patches for up to 96 hours before replacing. It’s the ultimate in providing long-lasting relief infused into a water-resistant patch that refuses to give up.

Available in: California

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Transdermal Patches by Manna Molecular Science

(Courtesy of Manna)

Cater to your tolerance with Manna Molecular’s 10—35mg THC and CBD Transdermal Patch options. With up to 12 hours of controlled release, you’ll get the perfect mix of healing cannabinoids and a subtle lift.

Available in: Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire

Müv Transdermal Patches by MüV Products

(Courtesy of Muv)

With the option of 25mg or 50mg THC and 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, Müv’s Transdermal Patches offer a heavier release with a higher dose of cannabis. Reach for these when you’re in need of intense relaxation.

Available in: Arizona

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