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Leafly Picks: 15 Cannabis Balms for Pain Relief After Exercise

Published on October 27, 2017 · Last updated December 2, 2022

Cannabis-infused topicals are becoming the answer for those seeking relief from pain or soreness without the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Whether you’re suffering from achy joints during a workout or sore muscles after a marathon, the right cannabinoid-infused balms can provide pain-free comfort. Keep these salves in your exercise bag for infused alleviation and easy post-exercise recovery.

What are cannabis topicals and how do they work?

Remedy Pain Stick by Cannabis Basics

Roughly the size of a tube of ChapStick, the Remedy Pain Stick by Cannabis Basics is perfect for on-the-go-relief. With a blend of therapeutic botanicals and essential cannabinoids such as CBD, THCA, and THC, you have the perfect pain-relieving remedy in a pinch.

Available in: Washington

Wintergreen Dragon Rub by Dragon Elixir

(Courtesy of Dragon Elixir)

Containing only four ingredients, Dragon Elixir’s soothing Wintergreen Dragon Rub is as close to natural pain relief as you can get. With organic infused coconut oil, essential rosemary and wintergreen oils, and a touch of beeswax, this cooling rub soothes muscles while putting your mind (and body) at ease.

Available in: Canada

Warming Comfort Balm by Restorative Botanicals

The folks at Restorative Botanicals take muscle and joint relief seriously, and their Warming Comfort Balm is no exception to the rule. Made with organic hemp extract, Arnica extract, and a blend of seven essential oils, this balm offers relief while calming the senses.

Available in: California, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Baba Salve by Omm Remedies

(Courtesy of Omm Remedies)

With 100mg each of THC and CBD, Omm Remedies’ “ancient Indian” Baba Salve incorporates Rick Simpson Oil to alleviate symptoms associated with everything from eczema and arthritis to bug bites and menstrual cramps. Rub it into affected areas for gentle skin, joint, and muscle relief.

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Available in: California

Relief Balm by Flour Child

Both relaxing and nourishing, Flour Child’s silky Relief Balm includes mango and kokum butters mixed with a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio to not only provide relief, but also moisturize skin. Slather it on day or night for dry skin healing and muscle relaxation.

Available in: California

CBD Essential Oil Salve by Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp’s therapeutic CBD Essential Oil Salve is rich in terpenes, healing oils (such as calendula, jojoba, and emu), and pharmaceutical-grade CBD. Together they provide a full dose of alleviation.

Available in: All United States

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Releaf Balm by Papa and Barkley

(Courtesy of Papa & Barkley)

Papa and Barkley promises hours of pain relief with their blend of 400mg of cannabinoids (with a 3:1 THC to CBD ratio) in each jar of Releaf Balm. On top of the balm, try their calming Releaf Body Oil and Releaf Soak for full-body treatment pumped with cannabinoid benefits.

Available in: California

Synergy Relief Balm by Dixie Synergy

Dixie Elixirs & Edibles have gotten into the topicals game with their anti-inflammatory 1:1 Synergy Relief Balm. Touting benefits for chronic pain relief, this balm offers 50mg each of THC and CBD, and is fast-absorbing to fight discomfort as quickly as possible.

Available in: Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California

CBC Topical Compound by Mary’s Medicinals

(Courtesy of Mary’s Medicinals)

You’ll find 100mg of active cannabinoids in each jar of Mary’s Medicinals’CBC Topical Compound. Mary’s aims to address pain at the source with this transdermal topical that gets under the skin for deep-seated comfort.

Available in: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Vermont, Maryland

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Award Winning Salve by Mary Jane’s Medicinals

Focused on whole-plant healing, Mary Jane’s MedicinalsAward Winning Salve delivers cannabis-induced comfort along with a blend of lavender and peppermint oils for a soothing scent.

Available in: Colorado, California

Raw Cannabis Balm by Awakened Topicals

(Courtesy of Awakened Botanicals)

With an expansive range of thirteen essential oils (including gem essence) and a 1:1 THCA to CBDA ratio derived from raw cannabis, Awakened Topicals offers intense muscle and joint treatment in their award-winning Raw Cannabis Balm. (Check out our in-depth review of Awakened Topicals here.)

Available in: California

CBD Rescue Balm by Elixinol

Elixinol’s rejuvenating CBD Rescue Balm combines 125mg of CBD with virgin andiroba oil and ucuuba butter for anti-inflammatory relief. Perfect for arthritic joints and sore muscles post-exercise, this balm is nongreasy and free of synthetic chemicals.

Available in: All United States

Rub by Whoopi & Maya

(Courtesy of Whoopi & Maya)

Specially formulated for menstrual relief, Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis Rub aims at deep absorption for speedy alleviation. Mixed in with the 25mg THC in every two-ounce jar is naturally healing white willow bark and uplifting St. John’s Wort.

Available in: California

Muscle Melt by Ethos Innovates AKA Green Revolution

Ethos’ warming Muscle Melt utilizes 100mg THC, 20mg CBD, and 20mg additional cannabinoids to bring you strong relief and relaxation. Their formula contains 50% active and 50% raw cannabinoid profiles for full plant strength without sacrificing critical cannabinoid elements.

Available in: Washington

Cannabis Infused Salve by Healing Light Bodega

(Courtesy of Healing Light Bodega)

Containing both cannabis-infused coconut oil and hemp oil, Healing Light Bodega’s handmade Cannabis Infused Salve uses every aspect of the cannabis plant for wholesome relief. Mix and match their Original, Lavender, and Vanilla salves depending on your scent preference.

Available in: California

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