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How to have the best 4/20 in isolation

Published on March 31, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020

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The iconic origins of 4/20 have always given it a collective meaning. From the vibe we all share, to the gatherings it often inspires, it’s traditionally spent with other people. Current events require all of us to adjust our social practices to celebrate 4/20 this year, but there’s no need to sacrifice this seminal stoner holiday just because you’re doing your part to stay safe at home.

Observing social isolation doesn’t mean that you can’t have the best 4/20 you’ve had in years. Whether you’re home alone, with your partner, or with roommates, here are some tips for having the best 4/20 isolation session you can.

From tips to help you remember everything you try to products that will amp your party up and help you appreciate the holiday in a new light, we’ve got it all.

1. Teach yourself something new

Whether it’s how to roll a blunt or pack a bowl, promise yourself that you’ll learn one critical cannabis skill this 4/20. Use our 420-friendly videos for help finding your “thing” or get online and challenge your friends to a blunt rolling competition.

2. Get Cali LIIIT

This 4/20, you’ll want to find flower that really helps you treat yourself. STIIIZY’s LIIIT premium flower comes in 3.5g jars, along with half- and full gram pre-rolls, so you can choose your favorite way to enjoy the flavor, potency, and purity of their California cannabis flower. Their wide range of indoor-grown strains has a little something for everybody.

*Only available in California

3. Journal everything

4/20 is a day for exploring new form factors, strains, and experiences. Don’t forget to write down strain names, terpene profiles that you like, or any new favorite brands that you discover, in case you’re a bit hazy later on when you to remember.

4. Express yourself with 420-friendly social media posts

Destigmatizing cannabis is as easy as letting people know that you think it’s cool. Post something about your love for cannabis or passion for legalization on social media, and join the conversation to make the world a more 420-friendly place.

5. Try GRAV pre-filled glass joints

If you want to try something fun and new on 4/20, consider Grav’s reusable and 100% recyclable pre-filled glass joints. The flower inside is organic, pesticide-free, and draws from borosilicate mouthpieces with food-grade silicone grommets for a sleek, safe and easily interchangeable experience.

*Only available in California

6. Charge it!

Charge everything before 4/20 gets here, including laptops, 510 batteries, e-rigs, and wireless speakers. Keep your USB charging blocks in easily accessible sockets, just in case you need them. And it wouldn’t hurt to make sure you know where your computer charger is, in case you want to watch movies all day long.

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7. Make a 420 friendly good vibes playlist

Nothing kills a vibe faster than sad songs while you’re trying to elevate. Make sure you have a playlist of upbeat or trippy tunes that will last a few hours at least. If you need help, ask your roommates to help out and have an aux cord or Bluetooth speaker ready.

8. Stay hydrated

No 4/20 party is complete until somebody lets out coughs from a monster rip. Make sure that you keep plenty of water around to keep your respiratory systems happy and healthy. If smoking isn’t your thing, you should consider edibles this 4/20.

9. Prepare a killer cannabis menu

Speaking of edibles… There’s nothing that makes stoners happier than munchies. Make sure you’re stocked up on snacks and go shopping a few days before 4/20. Practice your cannabis cooking skills in the days leading up to it, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor on the day of, while in the throes of relaxation.

Get cooking: Release your inner cannabis chef

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