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Craving the Tropics? Try a Strain That Tastes Like Mango

A blast of summertime flavor and a cure for the winter blues, the fresh taste of mango can transport you to tropical destinations—wherever you may be. Grab your trusty pineapple pipe, load up on a few Mango Mockaritas, and nab these delicious island-like strains with a sweet and luscious aroma.

Did we miss your favorite mango-flavored strain? Tell us about it in the comments.

Mango Kush

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You can’t have a list of mango strains without including the classic Mango Kush. Dripping in mango with subtle hints of pine, Mango Kush delivers a rush of happiness on the back of its fruity and sweet taste.

Why People Love It:

“From all dimensions, this Mango Kush is a classic in its own right. Has the aroma of an Orange Grove on Sunday Morning. When you hit this, it hits you. 10/10 would smoke again.” —MultiVersus


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Orange and mango twist into one mouthwatering strain on the exhale of Jillybean. The ultimate choice for creative and euphoric experiences, Jillybean is a citrusy treat with a sweet streak.

Why People Love It: 

“This strain smells like a straight up fresh mango. That was the second thing I noticed, right after the super dense and crystal buds. I’m typically prone to getting pretty anxious and paranoid with hybrids and sativas, but this was just the perfect amount of a head high to keep me happy and uplifted. It slowly creeped into a relaxing, sleepy, and hungry body high. Would highly recommend.” —devonrenee 

Maui Mango Diesel

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A cross of Maui Wowie and Brooklyn Mango, the Hawaiian-bred Maui Mango Diesel stays true to its roots with bright, sunny flavors that give way to a cerebral kick. You’ll feel as though your sipping on a tropical cocktail with strong notes of pineapple and honey mango.

Why People Love It:

“The smell of this bud just hits you like a fresh mango to the face. The taste is once again a strong tropical and sweet one with mango being the main bit. This is a good daytime high, I felt immediately relaxed but not tired. This strain made me a little hungry and lightly thirsty. The look of the bud was a nice green with some darker leaves dotting the fluffy nuggs. As for the Keef this strain wasn’t particularly caked, it did have a decent yield.” —BlueDreamDrew


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True to its name, a nug of uplifting Hawaiian will take you across oceans and right to the shores of O’ahu. Hawaiian’s effects mirror that of relaxing on a beach with no worries in sight, so you can kick back with this sunny strain and drift off to lush destinations.

Why People Love It:

“A tropical gift from heaven, Hawaii delivers a smooth, happy and uplifting high. Feel blessings come upon you. Great for mental health.” —Yasuraka 

Mango Haze

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Delightful and buzzy with a powerful mango aroma, Mango Haze is your answer to the perfect wake-and-bake. Fry up some bacon, slice a loaf of banana bread, put on another pot of coffee, and get lifted with this heavenly strain.

Why People Love It:

“The taste is absolutely exquisite, same can be same about most strains I guess but this flavour is truly delightful. Starts with an explosion of mango, traversing through a palate of citrusy notes mixed with sweet, and also an incredibly interesting incense-infused sweetness … ” —Pav92


Find Vortex Nearby

Searching for a heavy-hitter that may put all other strains to shame? Look no further than the sweet and sour Vortex. Start slow with this hefty number, and you’ll be feeling waves of cerebral euphoria in no time.

Why People Love It:

“I personally have to give the Vortex a 10. I have been smoking on a big jar of this herb for almost 2 months now, and am impressed every time I light up. After 20+ yrs. of smoking on a daily basis, I have to put this one in my top 5. Maybe even my top 3. A true room reeker, it tastes every bit as good as it smells. VERY POTENT, and truly has NOOO ceiling. The more I toke the higher I get … ” —joe76jm


Find Somango Nearby

So what? Somango! This unique and tasty strain provides focused effects and soft elevation with a mango flourish. Light up a bowl mid-afternoon for an easy pick-me-up that will sink into your head and keep on delivering.

Why People Love It:

“As relaxing as an Indica can get, without putting me in a coma for the rest of the day. I feel mentally refreshed and invigorated with new and exciting thoughts and ideas. I’m blown away by how diverse and flavorful Somango is.” —Greatwhitegumby

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