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7 Must-Try Cannabis Topicals for Those Scorching Summer Days

Published on July 3, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
7 Must-Try Cannabis Topicals for Those Scorching Summer Days

As summer heats up, it’s easy to run around and splash and play while forgetting about the human body’s largest organ–your skin! While that summer sun is beautiful, especially after a brutally long winter, we’re often so excited to soak up the rays that it’s easy for before-and-after-suncare to fall by the wayside.

To help protect your epidermis during the hottest months of the year, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cannabis-infused skincare products on the market:

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Evergreen Organix SPF +THC Sunscreen

Evergreen Organix Sunscreen SPF-THC

A good sunscreen is one of the most important items to remember during summer. Depending on how hot it is and how much time you plan on spending in the sun, apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to help block out harmful UV rays and avoid a sunburn.

Evergreen Organix, sourced and produced in the desert of Nevada, has a product that contains SPF 30 as well as THC cannabinoids to soothe and protect your skin, even in the hottest temperatures. The active cannabinoids will help hydrate your skin while protecting it from damaging UV rays.

Don’t forget to re-apply at least every two hours, or after swimming or sweating. Reapplication can be just as important as applying sunscreen in the first place!

Cannabis Basics Ink 20/20

Cannabis Basics Ink 20/20

Summertime is one of the most alluringly enticing times to get a tattoo. It’s a lot more fun to run around with fresh ink that you can show off to the world instead of hiding it underneath a thick layer of sweaters and socks, but beware! Fresh ink can be easily and severely damaged by the sun’s harmful rays, and once the damage is done, it’s nearly impossible to undo without going back for a fresh layer of ink.

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In comes Ink 20/20 to the rescue! This product is made by the renowned Seattle topical company Cannabis Basics and is specifically designed for tattoo aftercare within the first 24 hours to help keep your fresh design nourished and protected while it heals. Not only does it contain SPF to protect your skin, it also has a number of cannabinoids to help with inflammation and ward off potential infections.

Lost Remedy Burn Formula

Lost Remedy, Inc. Burn Formula

If you’re suffering from the after-effects of a nasty sunburn, speed up the healing process with Lost Remedy’s Burn Formula, curated from Montana but available for nationwide shipping. The balm was originally created as an effective remedy for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy and provides instantaneous soothing, cooling relief for sunburn pain, as well as pain caused by accidental burns.

The basis of the lotion is pure aloe vera gel, combined with avocado oil, tea tree oil, and organic, hemp-derived CBD to cool, refresh, and promote healing.

Green Garden Gold Day Sunrise Serum

Green Garden Gold's Day SUNRISE Serum

Do you love the sun and often forget sunscreen? Have you started noticing a few more wrinkles that weren’t there before? Time to step up your skincare game!

Green Garden Gold’sDay Serum infuses 75mg of CBD with spearmint, a dose of antioxidants with ginger, healing eucalyptus, and clove bud oils for a fresh, summery scent. The addition of rose hips seed oil, known as the “Aloe Vera of the Chilean Andes,” adds a soothing, anti-aging quality, along with broccoli seed oil for its anti-inflammatory properties.

This serum helps prevent wrinkles and undo past sun damage, and it’s available for shipping all over the country. For best results, start your day with a fresh application of the soothing Day Serum.

MüV THC Pain Relief Cream

Muv Products THC Pain Relief Cream

Don’t let achy muscles and sore joints stop you from having a fun and active summer! Slather yourself in the ultra-hydrating and soothing CBD and THC-infused cream from MüV Products, based and sold out of Arizona.

This cream includes jojoba, aloe, vitamin E, and shea butter, along with a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD for soothing pain relief that will leave your skin silky smooth. It’s great to keep on hand for when you know you’re going to have an active day; you can apply up to three times daily.

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Hemptouch Ointment for Problem Skin

Hemptouch ointment for problem skin

For those with extra sensitive skin, the change in seasons can be devastating. From eczema to acne, psoriasis and insect bites, your skin suffers in a number of ways when summer hits, and using certain lotions or sunscreens may further irritate your skin, causing you to break out in acne or hives.

Thankfully, Hemptouch Ointment can provide instant relief for long-term skin problems, including chronic inflammation and autoimmune skin conditions, as well as the more standard acne and dermatitis.

Hemptouch is based out of Slovenia and is available for international shipping. The product uses a highly concentrated triple dose of hemp plant extracts, including raw hemp seed oil, hemp flower water, and hemp leaf extract for a full spectrum of over 85 cannabinoids, anti-inflammatory terpenes, and antioxidants. Not only that, but Hemptouch products are free of artificial fragrances, parabens, or other skin irritants, and the formula is vegan-friendly.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath

Mary Jane's Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath

Spending too much time in the sun can be exhausting. After a little too much sunshine and activity, sometimes the nicest feeling is to sit back in the bathtub and let your aches and stress melt away.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals, available in California and Colorado, provides a soothing and transcendent bathing experience. The sachet includes cannabis leaves, Epsom salts, dead sea salts, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and grapeseed oil for calming, analgesic properties. Drop the sachet into your tub and it will infuse your bathwater like a tea bag, steeping you in aromatic herbs and scents.

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Do you have any topical products that you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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