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Haute Box: 10 Awesome Dabbing Products to Add to Your Setup

Dabbing cannabis concentrates is hardly a new method of consumption—in fact, it’s said to have been around (in some form) as early as the 1940s. As legalization spreads, extracts are ever more accessible, meaning that getting high, for those who want it to, can mean getting higher.

To newcomers, the lexicon alone—from blow torches, nails, and carb caps to rigs, bangers, and mats—is pretty intimidating. But cannabis companies are finally designing products to make the entire process more user-friendly, and its reputation has become deservingly less illicit. Here, we’ve curated a list of our latest and greatest dabbing discoveries to take your next session to the next level.

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Dr. Dabber Boost eRig, $149.95

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Dr. Dabber)

With a glass water-filtration system for the smoothest of hits, Dr. Dabber remains the most civilized dab setup we’ve seen yet—no blowtorch required. The latest launch is its all-black edition, which boasts a larger nail (titanium, ceramic, and quartz included) and a modular heating element employed with the touch of a button. The entire system is magnetic and also comes with a carb cap, loading tool, two medical grade silicon storage containers, a USB charging cable, and a limited edition keychain. Oh, and it’s all easy to store in a discreet, airtight, padded wood box.

Shop: drdabber.com

GRAV Fire-Button Portable E-Nail, $169.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Grav)

Great for on-the-go sessions, this portable e-nail is compatible for use with any female-jointed water pipe or upright bubbler. An insulated whip cord connects the joint to the battery, where the e-nail—a sheet of titanium foil set into a removable skillet—is controlled by a single button. Crimped around a ceramic heating element, the foil edges and entire assembly are also free of any adhesive materials.

Shop: grav.com

GRAV 5” Circuit Rig, $74.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Grav)

If you’re using the GRAV e-nail, this is the rig that works best. Made with 60mm tubing, its angled mouthpiece creates a powerful centrifugal force in the water to cool and filter the vapor. It also comes ready to use on its own with a 14 mm domeless, heat-tolerant quartz nail.

Shop: grav.com

Swerve Glass Gold Fumed Cone Banger Hanger, $69.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Swerve)

When shopping for a traditional dab rig setup, the glass options are usually uncolored, endless, and pricey. The “banger hanger” design is a newer favorite, admired for its dense, durable construction and compatibility with both flower and concentrates. Made with borosilicate glass, this five-inch honey-hued piece not only matches the shatter you’ll use with it, but is also pretty enough to set out and show off. It accepts 14mm male accessories, not included; we recommend a Flame Polished Quartz Banger, Quartz Carb Cap with Dab Tool, and Home Blown Glass Carb Cap Dabber.

Shop: 420science.com

ResÖlution ResCaps & ResGel, $19.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy ResÖlution)

Cleaning and storing glass has never been easier or eco-friendlier with this non-toxic, clay-based formula paired with a pack of three silicone covers that stretch universally to seal over pieces of any size. Once the ResCaps are firmly in place, pour the ResGel cleaning solution directly into your rig and rinse with warm water before taking a sparkling clean rip. For smaller accessories, you can drop resinated stems and parts directly into the resealable pouch for up to eight cleans.

Shop: resolutioncolo.com

moodmats Artist’s Collection, from $15

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of moodmats)

An essential anchor to every dab sesh, we love moodmats for their eco- and artist-forward approach. All moodmats are made with neoprene scraps collected and upcycled from materials like wetsuits, gaskets, and weatherstripping found in landfills. Plus, they collaborate with some of the biggest glass names in the biz like Kurt B., Robertson, and Ryno for limited edition runs (that sell out ASAP).

Shop: moodmats.com

Mystic Timber Dabbing Tools, from $18

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Mystic Timber)

Hand-carved in the rolling hills of northern New Jersey by a husband and wife team of artists, we love almost every tool in their rustic line (for dabbing or otherwise). But the T2 Medical Grade Titanium flat dabber is the go-to for concentrates thanks to its easy-to-hold wooden handle and precise tip.

Shop: mystictimber.com

420 Science Dab Dish Pro and Wax Wallet, $9.99 and $7.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of 420 Science)

Leave it to 420 Science to create the ultimate in concentrates storage. The second generation Dab Dish Pro silicone bowl insert comes in two sizes that fit perfectly into its signature concentrate jars, and are also upgraded with a notched dabber rest. When heading somewhere besides home, take the smaller Wax Wallet with you—it’s a hinged clamshell container with a silicone liner that also easily slides in and out of your pocket.

Shop: 420science.com

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch, $50.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Blazer)

Say sayonara to the chintzy creme brûlée tool from Bed Bath & Beyond that you’ve been using, and say hello to the dabber’s torch of choice. This refillable flame (butane canisters sold separately) has a brass flame nozzle with a secure safety lock that creates a precise, direct heat application to your nail.

Shop: amazon.com

Kindtray High Kick, $79.99

Haute Box: Top 10 Marijuana Dabbing Accessories of 2017 | Leafly

(Courtesy of Kindtray)

For the ultimate concentrate connoisseur, this organization station has a place for everything in order to keep your sessions fresh and clean. American-made with responsibly sourced materials, this Kindtray includes two small dividers, a DUO mat, and a titanium tool along with its signature rubber sealed lid, magnet surface, cutout grooves, and pre-drilled dabber holds. It’s discreet, too, with a hinged design that makes it easy to pack it up and put it away.

Shop: kindtray.myshopify.com

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