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How To Smoke Your Way Through Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album

As you already know, Aubrey Graham aka Drizzy Drake Rogers recently dropped Scorpion, his much anticipated 25-song double album. Much like everything The Boy releases, Scorpion is a rollercoaster of emotional peaks and valleys.  So, instead of giving you a straight up list of strains to pair with the album as a whole, I’m going to tell you how to smoke along with the journey that is the Scorpion album. Buckle up, we’re going for a ride.

Survival, Nonstop, Elevate, Emotionless – Chocolope

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Chocolope is a special strain and a new favorite of mine. The initial high hits your face, but then Chocolope spreads through your entire body, ultimately wrapping you up in a cocoon of uplifted euphoria. The evolution of a Chocolope high can be described as a promise of things to come, and that’s why it goes so perfectly with the first four-song pocket of Scorpion. From Survival to Emotionless, Drake lets you know what he’s going to be talking about, as well as the energy that the production will convey. This part of the album screams “I have bars for Kanye, Pusha, and this is only a taste of how I’m giving it up.”

God’s Plan, I’m Upset, 8 out of 10, Mob Ties, Can’t Take A Joke – Animal Cookies

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The Animal Cookies full-body high will have you engaged and locked in. It’s a great strain for pain relief, insomnia, and getting lost in the upbeat portion of the Scorpion A-side that is God’s Plan through Can’t Take A Joke. Animal Cookies will allow you to sync in, putting you in a perfect place to catch every single shot that Drake threw down the street at Kanye’s front door on 8 out of 10 and Mob Ties.

Sandra’s Rose, Talk Up, Is There More – Gelato

Find Gelato in a Dispensary Near You

Gelato delivers heavy-hitting effects that leave you in chill mode while also allowing you to be productive. It’s a perfect strain for winding down at the end of the day, or, winding down at the end of Scorpion, specifically the pocket from Sandra’s Rose to Is There More. In addition to a mom tribute (Sandra’s Rose is flame emoji x 5), at the end of every Drake project, he likes to give you one of those This-Is-What’s-Going-On-In-Heart type of songs. Think Views on Views, think Do Not Disturb on More Life, now think Is There More on Scorpion. Sans an Adonis (his kid) explanation, he gets very transparent about the nature of his life on that one. Because of Gelato’s ability to sit you back in a relaxed, pensive state of being, it’s perfect for smoking at the end of the side A. It gets you ready for side B, which is where Drake steps into his fan-favorite cryboy zone.

Why does cannabis make music sound so good?

Peak, Summer Games, Jaded, Nice For What, Finesse – Granddaddy Purple

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As soon as Peak hits with that hard ass “DUM!”, you already know where we’re going. Get the tissues ready and verify that you still have your ex’s number memorized, because side B of Scorpion is meant to inspire nostalgia and bad decisions. Excluding Nice For What, the run from Peak through Finesse inspires a very sunken, somber mood, and for that reason, you need to be smoking Granddaddy Purple. Sunken music needs a sunken high. 

Ratchet Happy Birthday, That’s How You Feel, Blue Tint, In My Feelings – Yeti OG

Find Yeti OG in a Dispensary Near You

After the first run of tears, the album picks up with a little energy and fun. It gets New Orleans bouncy all the way from Ratchet Happy Birthday through In My Feelings. Right after this pocket, Drake wraps it up with some dark-mood vibes, so you don’t want anything that’ll take you out of that. That’s where Yeti OG comes into play. Yeti OG is a heavy strain that’ll let you feel its presence, but it doesn’t make you immediately sleepy. It’s a slow burn that’ll have your shoulders a-movin’ to That’s How You Feel and In My Feelings, while keeping you ready for the album wrap-up.

Don’t Matter To Me, After Dark, Final Fantasy, March 14 – Blackberry Kush

Find Blackberry Kush in a Dispensary Near You

And finally, for the final song run of the album, we’ll need to be super duper high and focused, because March 14 is full of answers to the only question you had for 24 songs prior: WHO IS ADONIS AND WHY DON’T WE KNOW HIM, DRAKE?! Blackberry Kush will get you there. It’s a classic indica that will have you STONED with a no-games-played full-body high. Smoke it during the last pocket of the album and it’ll have you sitting there in a silent reflective mood. There isn’t much conversation after a heavy dose of the Blackberry Kush, just like there isn’t much conversation when you finish Scorpion and need to sit and decide how you felt about it.  

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