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Leafly’s faves 2019: cannabis vaporizers

Published on December 12, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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(Capjah/Adobe Stock, Leafly)

Another year has passed, and with that comes a whole new slew of strains, products, and brands for us to love. Follow along as our team of cannabis professionals takes a journey down short-term memory lane and reminisces on our favorite products of 2019. Feel free to join in by sharing your 2019 favorites in the comments below.


Vessel Luxury vape pen, Leafly faves, Leafly's favorite vaporizer, good marijuana vaporizer,

(Julia Sumpter for Leafly)

Available: nationwide

Vessel is one of the best vape batteries on the market. It’s a little pricey, but that price is balanced out by its utility. Have you ever received a cart that only works with certain batteries? You’ll never have that problem with a Vessel.

The three temperature settings work flawlessly, the flavor experience they provide is pristine, and the long-lasting battery is unmatched by most other batteries we’ve tried. Pick this up and say hello to one of the last 510-thread batteries you’ll ever purchase.

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Zeus Arc GT Flower Vape

Zeus Arc GT, Leafly faves, Leafly's favorite vaporizer, good marijuana vaporizer,

(Courtesy of Zeus)

Available: nationwide

Zeus Arsenal sent us their Zeus Arc GT Flower Vape a year ago, and today, it has solidified as one of our favorite flower vapes in the game. It won’t roast your flower, the hits are smooth and flavorful, the battery lasts for quite a while, and ultimately, this is the perfect pocket purchase for those who prefer plant to oil. The smell can be a little loud after use, but if Kush was Gucci Mane’s cologne, it can be yours too. Seriously, this thing is great.

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Pax Era

Leafly faves, Leafly's favorite vaporizer, good marijuana vaporizer, Pax Era, pre-filled vape carts

(Courtesy of Pax Era)

Available: nationwide

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You’re probably thinking “Wasn’t that a fave last year?!” You’re goddamn right it was, and our love for this great product has not wavered over time. The Pax Era, available across all markets, is one of our favorites for multiple reasons: It’s discreet, the battery lasts forever, and its temperature is highly customizable, giving you complete control over your experience. Plus it does that fun colorful thing when you give it a lil’ shaky shake.

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Airo Pro

Leafly's favorite vaporizer, leafly faves, AiroPro, cannabis concentrate, marijuana, vape

(Courtesy of Artisans on Fire)

Available in: Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona

The Airo Pro is another repeat selection from 2018. The design is sleek, it’s easy to transport, there’s a cool-ass case for it and your cartridges, and that vibration effect makes vaping a fun little experience. You get huge hits from it too, so really, a couple tokes off the AP will get your body just right. Did we mention it looks cool? Great, just making sure.

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Vüber Pulse

Vüber Pulse, Leafly faves, Leafly's favorite vaporizer, good marijuana vaporizer, vape

(Courtesy of Vüber Vaporizers)

Available: nationwide

The Vüber Pulse is a new favorite of ours at Leafly. It’s less expensive than many vapes on the market, yet it still provides an excellent experience. It auto-calibrates by reading the resistance of your 510-threaded cartridge and then chooses which temperature setting is best. Because of this, the Vüber Pulse is marketed as a “smart battery” with “Never-Burn technology,” which all-in-all makes this a nifty little piece of tech.

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