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Leafly’s faves 2019: cannabis flower

Published on December 12, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Leafly's favorite flower, best marijuana flower

Another year has passed, and with that comes a whole new slew of strains, products, and brands for us to love. Follow along as our team of cannabis professionals takes a journey down short-term memory lane and reminisces on our favorite products of 2019. Feel free to join in by sharing your 2019 favorites in the comments below.

Tropicana Cookies from Aurum Farms

Leafly's favorite flower, leafly faves, Tropicana cookies, cannabis flower, marijuana

(Courtesy of Kendal Meins)

Available in: Washington

If the phrase “perfect weed” were in the dictionary, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a picture of Aurum Farms’ cut of Tropicana Cookies right next to it. That thang is purple as purple can be, so much so that you KNOW Prince would agree with our faves choice.

Its bag appeal is out of this world with dense, sticky, purple buds that are complemented by green accents and orange hairs. Toss in that distinct orange flavor, consistent from batch to batch, and it’s easy to see why we’re so impressed by Aurum’s work.

Runtz by Cookie Fam

Leafly's favorite flower, leafly faves, Runtz, cannabis flower, marijuana

(Courtesy of @highlyelevated1)

Available in: California

If you haven’t heard of Runtz, you definitely will soon. Look at that picture. Look at that flower. How can you not love it? Purple and green all over, with a thickkk coat of trichomes that looks like the nugs were superglued then rolled in sugar, Runtz’s visual appeal is only topped by the high it provides. You. Will. Be. Stoned. If you’re in California and have no clue what to smoke, start here. And if you can’t, Gary Payton is a solid alternative.

Sirius Black by Oregon Breeders Group

Leafly's favorite flower, leafly faves, Sirius Black strain, cannabis flower, marijuana

(Courtesy of Oregon Breeders Group)

Available in: Oregon

Awww man, this flower is a BEAST. Oregon Breeders Group absolutely showed out when they bred Sirius Black. Another deep purple flower with orange hairs all over, this strain gives off exotic vibes that cannot be ignored. Its rich terpene profile produces sweet grape flavors from a thick smoke that’ll blanket your senses with a surprisingly uplifting high normally not associated with buds that look like this. Buy it, grind it, smoke it.

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Ziablo by IC Collective

Leafly's favorite flower, leafly faves, ziablo, best flower

(Courtesy of Chewberto420)

Available in: California

IC Collective’s Ziablo is a cross of Zkittlez and their in-house Diablo OG. If we’re talking terpenes, this one will blow you away with syrupy berry Zkittlez terps that slide into a really gassy OG flavor. It is a pricey flower, but when the price is backed by supreme quality, we can’t really be mad about it.

Do-Si-Lato by Canna Organix

Leafly's favorite flower, leafly faves, Do Si Lato strain, cannabis flower, marijuana

(Courtesy of Jeshua Anthony)

Available in: Washington

Canna Organix is one of the best cannabis companies in all of Washington. Period. Everything they produce, including their Gelato 41, Forbidden Fruit, and Zkittlez, is of the highest quality, and to make matters even better, everything is sun grown sustainably. For these reasons, we have selected their Do-Si-Lato as one of our favorite flowers of 2019.

A fun twist on their award-winning cut of Gelato 41, D-S-L’s thick and sticky nugs scream a sweet and gassy aroma, bringing forth relaxing effects that any and every cannabis consumer will love.

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