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Leafly’s faves 2019: cannabis concentrates

Published on December 12, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Another year has passed, and with that comes a whole new slew of strains, products, and brands for us to love. Follow along as our team of cannabis professionals takes a journey down short-term memory lane and reminisces on our favorite products of 2019. Feel free to join in by sharing your 2019 favorites in the comments below.

Tangie Live Resin from Dirty Arm Farm

Leafly's favorite concentrates, leafly faves, Tangie, cannabis concentrates, marijuana, dabbing resin

(Courtesy of Dirty Arm Farm)

Available in: Oregon

Dirty Arm Farm is a single-source extractor so they have a lot of control over the input and quality of the cannabis they extract. Their live resin has a great reputation and has won many awards, so you really can’t go wrong no matter which strain you choose.

That said, the Tangie has some next-level flavor. Its lively orange zest is truly mouthwatering, and its uplifting, heady vibes are perfect any time of day.

GMO Loud Resin from Refine x Aurum Farms

Leafly's favorite concentrates, leafly faves, Refine GMO Resin, cannabis concentrates, marijuana, dabbing resin

(Courtesy of Will Hyde)

Available in: Washington

Refine’s GMO Loud Resin is a savory, funky mix of dank flavors with a potent, euphoric high. Aurum Farms grows one of the most sought-after cuts of GMO in the state, and when Refine runs it, the unique terpene profile is magnified and the effects are even more profound. Even though it only dropped a few times this year and was in limited supply, it is still fresh in our minds.

Cali-O Vape Pen from Kingpen

Leafly's favorite vaporizer, leafly faves, Kingpin, cannabis concentrate, marijuana, vape

(Courtesy of Hannah Kellebrew)

Available in: California

The Cali-O Kingpen has an orange flavor that’s sweet with a subtle spice. Its bright citrus flavor is irresistible and more pronounced than most vape carts available, which is why it stands out as one of Leafly’s faves.

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These carts are in high demand and often counterfeited, but there’s nothing to worry about if you’re shopping at reputable, licensed dispensaries. Just to be sure you have the real Kingpen cartridge, you can scan the product’s QR code and check its authentic serial number.

Lime Breath Six Star Full Melt from Constellation Cannabis

Leafly's favorite concentrates, leafly faves, cannabis concentrates, marijuana, dabbing resin

(Courtesy of Trish Contreras)

Available in: Washington

Constellation has some of the best solventless hash available in Washington. Their hash rosins are top notch and their six star full melt is something true hash heads will savor. The Lime Breath, a Crumbled Lime x Motorbreath cross, produces beautiful light blonde trichome heads that burst with citrus earthiness and a deep funk that hangs around long after the exhale.

Strawnanna Mochi Flan from Blue River Terps

Leafly's favorite concentrate, leafly faves, Kingpin, cannabis concentrate, marijuana, vape

(David Downs/Leafly)

Available in: California

Smooth, creamy, flavorful, and some of the most expensive terps around. You can check out the full, in-depth review of the time We dabbed the most expensive cannabis extract in California, but it’s safe to say that Blue River’s Strawnanna Mochi Flan is the perfect dessert—or appetizer, for that matter. The wet, sticky badder drips with terpenes and has soft strawberry and banana flavors that mix with an OG gas. This is a legendary dab, perfect for those times when you really want to treat yourself.

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