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January’s Leafly HighLight is Peanut Butter Breath—Yum!

Published on January 5, 2022
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Each month, Leafly highlights a trending strain you should know about —we call it Leafly HighLight.

Savory, nutty, and great for riding out the Omicron wave on your couch with The Witcher, Peanut Butter Breath is the Leafly HighLight for January. If you haven’t tried it—uncrack a jar. If you have, celebrate the win for prolific modern weed breeder ThugPug.

Still building in popularity, Peanut Butter Breath has 185 reviews on Leafly and a score of 4.6 out of 5. Reviewers praise its nutty, earthy, buttery taste, and relaxed, happy effects. These types of high-THC indica-hybrid strains can make you spacey and hungry.

Hide the brownies. PB Breath will make you ravenous. (David Downs/Leafly)

“It took me 7 attempts to log in to write this including a password reset twice. I’m gonna go finish the bowl as a reward for my efforts. Stay safe,” states one Leafly reviewer.

“I didn’t feel like I got the munchies but I ate like 7 chocolate-covered caramel apple slices so you tell me,” wrote another Leafly reviewer.

Peanut Butter Breath isn’t exactly a wake and bake strain—unless you have a long day of TV to catch up on. Generally, it pairs better after work, when it’s time to kick your feet up, make a grilled cheese sandwich, and work on your Minecraft base.

How much does peanut butter breath cost?

A nug of Peanut Butter Breath with the High Lights stamp.
Luminati PB Breath; via The Green Cross, SF. (David Downs/Leafly)

A good flower eighth of Wave Rider Nursery PB Breath might run $30 from Flora Verde in Vista, CA. Big companies like AbsoluteXtracts sell 1-gram vape cartridges of it for $48. You’ll find Peanut Butter Breath from $50 ounces of shake in California to $42 1-gram PB Breath shatter in Maine.

Low gradeMid gradeHigh grade
Gram (1 gram)$6$11$15
Eighth (3.5 grams)$20$30$50
Quarter (7 grams)$40$50$70
Half-ounce (14 grams)$60$90$130
Ounce (28 grams)$80$150$250
PB Breath flower spot prices around the US (Leafly)

Peanut Butter Breath seeds


Peanut Butter Breath is a cross of Dosidos—Leafly’s Strain of the Year 2021—and Mendo Breath F2. Seeds and clones for the popular strain sell fast due to high demand.

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The strain reportedly debuted in 2016 from Michigan breeder ThugPug, via seed banks and Michigan shops. Several online retailers sell versions of it now, and breeders cross it with other greats, like Equilibrium Genetics’ PB Triangles.

These days, Thug Pug continues his work on the “Breath” family of strains with varieties like Road Apples—bringing Apple Fritter together with genes from GMO, OG, and Grateful Breath. This January—a slew of Meat Breath crosses will sell out.

PB Breath awards


PB Breath took third for light-assisted greenhouse buds in The Emerald Cup 2018, as well as first in The Karma Cup of Toronto in 2019. PB Breath ice water hash placed second in The Emerald Cup in 2019, and first in 2020’s WEEDCon contest.

PB Breath terpenes


Like its parent Dosidos, PB Breath tests rich in limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool, according to lab results. That makes the weed smell spicy, earthy, and sweet—often evoking a peanut butter smell.

 Other highlights this January


Dosidos indoor 2021 from SFOG Cannabis. (David Downs/Leafly)

It’s official—the Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 has become a certified staple in America. It’s now number one in Arizona. Grab Dosidos coast to coast in flower or extract form.

PB Souffle

Dosidos and Lava Cake for the win. PB Souffle is sweeter than PB Breath and continues to gather fans. It’s got similar effects, too: “I just want to sit on the couch, eat ravioli, and astral project,” said one reviewer.

Durban Poison

A nug of Durban Poison with the High Lights stamp.
Durban Poison full-season 2021 outdoor—from Whitethorn Valley Farm; via Farm Cut Cannabis. (Leafly)

We see you, classic sativa heads. Beat back winter blues with the number five most-searched strain this winter in Colorado, our oldest, most mature legal state. Hippies can confirm, Durban and a cup of coffee preps the psyche for whatever chores these cold, short days might throw you. Bonus: no munchies, consumers report—“Durban Poison is like the ‘espresso’ of cannabis.”

See ya next month for another Leafly HighLight.

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David Downs
David Downs
Leafly Senior Editor David Downs is the former Cannabis Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. He's appeared on The Today Show, and written for Scientific American, The New York Times, WIRED, Rolling Stone, The Onion A/V Club, High Times, and many more outlets. He is a 2023 judge for The Emerald Cup, and has covered weed since 2009.
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