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Pinene-Rich Products to Ramp Up the Holidays

December 19, 2018

One of the best things about the holiday season are all the comforting smells that come with it. We’re talking freshly baked sugar cookies, spicy cinnamon wafting out of mulled ciders, and—if you’re lucky enough—the smoky goodness that comes with roasting marshmallows over a cozy fireplace.

Find more terpene-rich products nearby. Check dispensary menus.

While all of these holiday scents are intoxicating in their own way, one stands alone: the fresh, aromatic delight of fragrant pine needles on a Christmas tree farm, AKA the scent of Pinene.

Inspired by this beloved winter scent, I decided to round up my favorite pinene-rich products for you to enjoy this holiday season.

Beta Pinene by True Terpenes

(Courtesy of True Terpenes)

Price: $12

Where to buy: buy-terpenes.com

If you, like me, can’t get enough pinene in your life, then get ahold of the terpenes themselves. True Terpenes offers a wide variety, ranging from the pure Alpha and Beta Pinene bottles, to strain-specific terpenes that are high in pinene. Strains containing the highest amount of pinene

include ACDC, Blue Dream, and Green Crack.

Keep in mind that you can’t use the terpenes straight out of the bottle—you’ll need to dilute them first and read the FAQ. That said, the versatility in which you can use these terpenes is truly stunning.

OG Kush Candle by Kush Candles

(Courtesy of Kush Candles)

Price: $14.99

Where to buy: kushcandles.com

Sure, there are Christmas tree scented candles, but why not take it to the next level? Go straight to the source with Kush Candles. Infused with honest to goodness organic terpenes, each candle has its own unique scent inspired by a unique cultivar. There are several tantalizing flavors to choose from, but this winter, I’m all about the OG Kush Candle. It’s infused with α-pinene and myrcene, smells bright and floral like a mix of lemongrass and jasmine, and burns for over 50 hours. Light one up, take a deep breath, and get ready for the entourage effect to start working its magic.

Corazon Extract & Pineapple Express Chocolate by Peak Extracts

(Courtesy of Peak Extracts)

Price: Varies  

Where to buy: Only available in Oregon

This Portland-based company consistently produces some of the best, most terpene-rich products in Oregon. All of the products at Peak Extracts are single-strain and extracted in-house using flower from Yerba Buena and East Fork Cultivars. You can taste the quality of the flower in their terpene-heavy cartridges like the Corazon, a high-CBD varietal clocking in at 61% CBD, 3% THC, and an impressive 3% CBG.

The signature “terp-lock” process ensures that the terpenes stay as fresh as possible for your smoking experience—and yield some of the tastiest cartridges I’ve yet to smoke.

Did we forget to mention their delicious chocolates? Single-strain and made from the finest quality gourmet dark chocolate, the Pineapple Express Bar is filled with pinene. It tastes as good as it feels (which is to say, I may have gobbled up the bar in one go).

Relief Vaporizer Pen by Surterra Wellness

(Courtesy of Surterra Wellness)

Price: $25

Where to buy: surterra.com

One of the most remarkable properties about pinene is its ability to act as a bronchodilator, expanding the chest and airways in just a few seconds. Add in some big players like THC and CBD and you’ve got one hell of a product. The Relief Vaporizer Pen by Surterra Therapeutics uses a 1:9 CBD to THC ratio, along with the power of terpenes to provide relief from a variety of symptoms ranging from muscle pain to anxiety. The pen contains 230mg of cannabinoids, and advises using 23mg as a daily dose, yielding a 10-day supply per vaporizer.

Be Calm CBD Inhalers by CBD Luxe

(Courtesy of

Price: Varies

Where to buy: Only available in Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Oregon

I have been absolutely fascinated by the idea of cannabis-based inhalers, so you can imagine my sheer delight at discovering CBD Luxe’s line of inhalers. They look exactly like their conventional medical counterparts, with only the product name on the side to distinguish them.

Available in three varieties, Be Calm, Be Clear and Be Alert. The Be Calm inhaler is made from lavender and a-Pinene extracted from chamomile. Throw some CBD into the mix and you get an herbal combo that packs a powerful punch. It’s also a great way to dose precisely, with each spray containing 8.0mg of active cannabinoids.

Dutch Treat Pax Era Pod by Heylo Cannabis

(Courtesy of Heylo)

Price: Varies

Where to buy: Only available in Washington

Based in Seattle, WA, the good folks at Heylo Cannabis are nice enough to put the lab results from their products right on their website. This encourages us to explore their offerings at length which led me to their fantastic new Dutch Treat PAX Era Pod.

While Dutch Treat is already naturally high in pinene, the unique extraction process at Heylo ensures that the terpenes are never separated during processing, yielding a product where the terpene count in the pods is nearly what you’d get in the flower itself. There’s also a some terpinolene and myrcene to round things off, resulting in the kind of pod you can happily smoke on all day long.

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