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The most popular strains in Oregon right now

Published on July 12, 2021

While some states are just now passing legalization laws, Oregon has more than five years of familiarity under its belt: growing, cultivating, and fine-tuning every aspect of the cannabis plant.

The length of time that Oregonians have had to engage with the plant has resulted in high-quality strains and a refined taste unique to the state.

In Oregon, you can expect national favorites like Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, and Wedding Cake to top the favorites list. But using data from Leafly’s strain database, we’ve noticed some other stand-out straine have bubbled to the top of the list, too.

On your next trip to the dispensary, make sure to ask your budtender about strains that are popular in Oregon and see how you like them.

Bruce Banner

Potency: 21% THC

Strain type: hybrid

Notable local producers: Portland Cannabis Market, Davis Direct, High Times Farms

Promising review:“This is the perfect wake and bake strain. It takes the pain away and gives a great start to my day, even on days when my pain is at its worst. It gives a great, long-lasting cerebral high. I’d give this strain 5 stars.”

Duct Tape

Potency: 24% THC

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Strain type:hybrid

Notable local producers: LTRMN, Altered Alchemy, High Winds Farm, Derby’s Farm LLC

Promising review:“This strain is very pungent, and hits hard in between my eyes. Very uplifting and relaxing.”

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Durban Poison

durban poison, cannabis strain
Durban Poison. (Leafly)

Potency: 17% THC

Strain type:sativa

Notable local producers: Alpha Flora, Sunlight Ridge, Willamette Valley Alchemy, White Label Extracts

Promising review:“Durban Poison is such a solid high. It’s a sativa that won’t give you the munchies, or any paranoia. Instead, you’ll feel creative, energetic, and euphoric. I’ve never had an issue with this strain.”

Blueberry Muffin

Potency: 18% THC

Strain type: hybrid

Notable local producers: Folium Farms, Alta Crest, Cannananda, Stoney Goat Farms

Promising review: “This strain makes me tingle and feel sooo happy. I wanted to punch someone in the face 30 minutes ago, but now I don’t. I’m feeling euphoric and aroused.”

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Blue Magoo

Potency: 18% THC

Strain type:hybrid

Notable local producers: Shadowbox Farms, OreKron, Halo Labs, Mana Extracts

Promising review:“I smoked a bowl in the shower while grooving out to some funky jams. This strain gives a very unique smell and taste that is fruity and delicious. Overall, it was an amazing high. I felt stimulated, giggly, and happy beyond belief.”

GMO Cookies

gmo cookies weed strain
GMO Cookies. (Cream of the Crop Gardens)

Potency: 26% THC

Strain type:hybrid

Notable local producers: Rogue River Family Farms, Hoodview Cannabis, Everbloom

Promising review: “This is my favorite strain. I’m a daily user of heavy strains for chronic pain, and this one provides the most calming effects for me.”

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[Reviews lightly edited for clarity]

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