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Brighten up 420 with Tropicanna Cookies—April’s Leafly HighLight strain

Published on April 4, 2023 · Last updated April 13, 2023
Each month, Leafly highlights a trending strain you should know about —we call it Leafly HighLight. This month Tropicana Cookies brightens up your April. (Matt Jackson for Leafly)
Each month, Leafly highlights a trending strain you should know about —we call it Leafly HighLight. This month Tropicana Cookies brightens up your April. (Matt Jackson for Leafly)

Novices starting out their weed journey and expert terp-hunters alike can brighten up their April with Tropicanna Cookies. So-called Trop Cookies is smoker-tested and approved for going on six years, and has become a top 100 strain in US stores—making Tropicanna Cookies our Leafly HighLight for April.

All across the US, this highly rated, beloved sativa hybrid offers energetic effects used on anxiety, stress, and depression.

Just look at the options in Denver, CO, where you can have Trop Cookies nine way: flowers, carts, rosin carts, live resin dabs, live rosin dabs, pre-rolls, edibles and clones. Sheesh. Trop Cookies brightens moods nationally in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Have you ever been super-high, reaching for the Chips Ahoy, realized you had no milk, and subbed in orange juice? We’re not proud of it, either—but it works! Citrus with chocolate and cookies is a thing. Trop Cookies channels that by crossing the citrus strain Tangie into GSC.

Also known as Mtn Trop, the cultivar scores 4.5 out of 5 points after 369 ratings on Leafly; 9,455 people favorited it. Reviewers note the orange tropical citrus notes first, but Trop Cookies is backed by the earthy, sweet body of a dessert strain.

Tropicana Cookies F2. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)
Tropicanna Cookies F2. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)

First reviewed in 2018, Trop Cookies has medium THC levels that will transition you to shopping by smell, not THC score alone.

“It turned me into a believer in The Power of Terps,” said one reviewer.

Trop Cookies is also functional—from wake and bake to dinnertime.

“The Tangie provides a swift boost of comfortable energy, while the Cookies merges with it and starts to deliver some optimistic and free-flowing euphoria,” said one reviewer.

Talk about seasonal anxiety relief:

“The first time I smoked this strain I sat down and did my taxes for three straight hours.”

Leafly reviewer

We’d smoke Trop Cooks and do just about anything: play some vinyl; make out; go for a hike; write haikus. Just don’t kill our vibe, ok? 

How much does Tropicanna Cookies cost?

Tropicana Cookies F2. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)
The west pays less for Trop Cookies. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)

Look up Trop Cookies on menus and you’ll see she grows plentiful and cheap in cannabis country but can be pricier in new markets like freshly legal New York. In Seattle, check out bargain $75 ounces of Artizen Trop Cookies, or high-end pre-rolls from Torus ($45 for 7, 0.5-gram joints.) By contrast, Chicagoans will spend $32 on a 0.3-gram disposable, and Miamians spend $35 for a 0.5g pod.

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Tropicanna Cookies seeds

Tropicana Cookies F2. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)
TropCookies crosses abound. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)

Tropicanna Cookies came out of the cannabis hotbed of Colorado. Two breeders launched the line. Harry Palms, now at Bloom Seed Co., made the cross and the best cut of it became “Mtn. Trop.” He dubbed it ‘Tropicanna’ to avoid trademark issues with the juice company. Since then, the cannabis community has spelled it with one ‘n’, and the two spellings have become interchangeable. Oni Seed Co. Nick worked it into a sequel—Trop Cookies F2 in 2017.

Nowadays Trop Cookies lives on in Relentless Genetics’ super-hot Trop Cherry. You can buy current work from Bloom Seed Co, and Oni Seed Co. Beyond that, seed banks stock new Trop Cookies crosses like Peach Around from Romulan Genetics, Tropicana Shoes from Cult Classic Seeds, and Melon Cookies from Harry Haze Seeds. Now’s the time to buy and pop those seeds.

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Tropicanna Cookies awards

Tropicana Cookies F2. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)
Winner winner, Tropicanna Cookies for dinner. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)

The mid-career TropCookies is at least six years old, and yet wins trophies like classics and new strains. It took awards in the: 2020, 2021, and 2022 Connoisseur Cup of Colorado; as well the 2022 and 2020 Errl Cup; and the 2019 Harvest Cup. Look at the damage it did in the 2020 High 95 Cup in Massachusetts—1st place for Outdoor, and 2nd for Indoor. It’s got the juice!

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Tropicanna Cookies terpenes

Tropicana Cookies F2. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)
The terps live in the trichome, shown up close above. (Courtesy Oni Seed Co.)

Trop Cookies emits fragrant oils called terpenes, the most prominent of which are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, lab tests report. That equals pepper, citrusy, and hoppy. It’s not a traditional, terpinolene and myrcene-forward sativa. It’s getting its energetic effects some other way. 

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Other highlights this April

No Trop Cookies in your town? Don’t frown. Here are three related picks.

Trop Cherry

Trop Cherry. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Trop Cherry. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Think Tropicanna Cookies is just alright? See what breeder Relentless Genetics has done with it in Trop Cherry, aka Cherry Trop. These gargantuan, purple nugs smell rowdy and hit the spot. Get some Wonderbrett Cherry Trop flower delivered in LA today.

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Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit. Hybrid. (Matt Stangel for Leafly)
Forbidden Fruit. Hybrid indica. (Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Forbidden Fruit is even more available than Trop Cookies and is a close cousin, crossing Cherry Pie x Tangie. It’s the more relaxing, evening-time pairing to Trop Cookies.

Mandarin Cookies

There’s more than one way to combine juice and cookies. Ethos Genetics’ Mandarin Cookies is analogous to Trop Cookies in popularity, smell, effect, and lineage. It’s Forum Cut Cookies x Mandarin Sunset. We see it a lot in vapes.

I can see us now: Hitting a fat jay of classic Trop Cookies, and gorging on hot, bright April sun. It’ll be you, me, and 10,000 of our friends on Hippie Hill in San Francisco this 4/20. Don’t forget the grinder.

See you May 1 for your next date with a great strain on Leafly HighLight.

So hey, what’s ‘Leafly HighLight’?

Cannabis dispensaries can sell 200 types of flower. It’s overwhelming.

Leafly HighLight cures choice paralysis with a monthly deep dive into a popular national cannabis strain you should know. We combine:

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That’s Leafly HighLight.

Read past Leafly HighLight columns.

We’re copywritten, so don’t copy us.

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David Downs
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