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Garlic Cookies

Garlic Cookies

by Grassroots Cannabis

16 customer reviews


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This was delicious. The smell is a strong onion like smell, the buds are light and full of Crystal's. The smoking is a strange taste but not bad. Effects were fast


I found this Strain at Ann Arbor Wellness dispensary.


This is the SH*T right here! Heavy asf so not much is required. Great head and body high. Completely relaxed and ready to lay it down for the night without a care in the world.


It’s really good .5 sets me right for the night. Kinda has a fried chicken smell after.


My no.1 favorite strain. Relaxes everything. My night time medicine after a long day


Perfect if you want to unwind. Pittsburgh looks like a Ghost Time. If I see this BRAND IM 1ST IN LINE ITS THE 🥰


My tongue, cheeks & lips seem to have gone numb. I’m quite surprised I was able to remember what I was thinking this long. Definitely potent. I had a nice chill buzz off 2 hits of flower. Took a few more, intended to nap already but definitely am going to nap like a boss. 🙌🏼 Overall, relaxed, cottonmouth isnt terrible & I could force myself to stay up if I had to. 1 more hit & I dont think a stick of dynamite up my ass could keep me awake. ✌🏼😎✌🏼


I have smoked both the bud an the sugar of this particular strain an it is for certain to be enjoyed by the more experienced smoker. The bud has a strong/ pungent taste an aroma. The buzz however is relaxing an almost numbing so to speak. After my first legit bowl I cleaned the kitchen after dinner in less the 30 min showered then crashed for 4 hrs. Sleep for me is none exsistent on a normal basis. The need to COMPLETELY crash out is neccasary after smoking this so be prepared. The sugar however is that feeling × 100 if you hit to much a headache WILL ensue shortly after the coughing fit subsides an u will cough. The high lasts 4EVER from the sugar the the come down YOU MUST HAVE A PLACE TO CRASH, you feel the comedown it comes on rather fast so if ur using this for sleep i recommended smoking the bud for daily stuff an wax/sugar ect for while checking emails or doing ur nightly ritual before bed as the crash after the buzz is very extreme an neccasary. Water is a must as well this strain in ALL forms sucks the moisture from ur salivary glades an hella dehadrates you. Smoke well an live 😊


If you are looking for a strain to put you right to sleep this is it. After dealing with sleep issues for many years and using all the pharmaceutical remedies I found this strain to be my go to. Puts you into a nice restful sleep, and you wake up feeling well rested. Hope to have some on hand when I need a good nights rest.


Cookies in Detroit has this flower . Was a very great strain