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Apollo 11

4.4| 65 Reviews

What is Apollo 11?

Apollo 11 is a potent hybrid cannabis strain with strong cerebral effects that might just have your head feeling like it’s making a moon landing. It’s another strain created by breeders Brothers Grimm and is the half-sister to another heady sativa, Apollo 13. Apollo 11 also has Genius (a Jack Herer phenotype) as a mother, but was crossed with Cinderella 99 to create this uplifting strain. This Apollo shares the family trait of an extremely fast flowering time, usually before 8 weeks. There is some variety among plants, but in general they will stay shorter and develop lots of branches and bud sites. The resinous flowers will have a strong, sharp citrus aroma and a slightly subtler lemon flavor. Effective for treating stress and moderate pain, for a few hours this strain will give you a first-class trip out of this world.

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Apollo 11 Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Apollo 11 Genetics and Grow Info

All values are averages.
< 30 in
30 in - 78 in
> 78 in
7 - 9 wks
10 - 12 wks
> 12 wks

Apollo 11 Flavors

  • 1. Pine
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Pungent

Review Highlights

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“I recently bought this bud and I could smell it before I entered the building in which I purchased it. It's an extremely potent strain, maybe one of the best.”

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“I’m 1/4 oz a week chronic. Have been for years Medicinal user. Can’t work anymore Born 1980. ABI muscle pain and spasms had it 50:50 with Bruce Banner. Strong Herb. I’m stoned and that doesn’t happen often. Relaxing. Made me think. Good for pain my muscles are way more relaxed.”


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